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12 Car Interior Decoration Ideas

Most of us ignore decorating the car interiors as we have a misconception that it’s only the car’s exterior that people focus on. However, we completely forget that the inside of the vehicle is the backbone that adds to the car’s overall appeal.

And if you think adopting some super cool ways to customize your car interior would be expensive, trust me, it won’t!

There are many cool things and creative car interior decoration ideas that you can opt for to make the inside of your car attractive and appealing.

And today, here in this DIY car interior decoration guide, we are going to introduce you to some of the most effective ways to decorate your car interior within budget and time.

I will give you 12 car interior decoration ideas in this article.

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


Cover Your Seats with Stylish Car Seat Covers

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


One of the most essential and cool things to do to your car interior is to use stylish and sophisticated car seat covers.

High-quality seat covers for cars not only enhance the aesthetics of the inside of your vehicle but also protect your car seats from getting damaged soon.

And there are a lot of seat covers with different colors such as pink, grey, black, white, green…, you can choose one of them to cover all your seats.


Add a Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


A leather steering wheel cover is one of the car interior accessories that influence your car aesthetics to a great extent.

In addition to offering an elegant look and feel to the interiors of your car or truck, the leather-covered steering wheel also helps you drive conveniently while making the grip less troubling.

This is why when it comes to car interior decoration ideas, you should not skip the idea of adding a steering wheel cover to your car.


Use All Weather Car Floor Mats

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


If you are among those who think that people sitting in your car only look at what is easily visible to them or in front of them, you are highly mistaken.

No matter how attractive one’s outfit is, you never miss out on the type of shoes or sandals the person is wearing. Do you?

The same applies to the people who enter your car. They check out everything from the car seat covers to your car floor mats.

Hence, when you think of how to make your car interior look cool and how to decorate the interior of your car, choosing the right and best all weather floor mats for cars should be one of your primary concerns.

Using car floor mats is highly recommended as it helps you keep your car floor clean and free from unhygienic elements that might stick to your car’s body.

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You can either choose simple rubber floor mats with waterproof or water-resistant features or go for something more fashionable. Having floor mats for cars is one of the most essential car interior accessories ideas to consider.


Install LED Light Strips for your car interior

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


Want to give your car a lounge-like feel? If yes, then one of the best car interior decoration ideas that will help you achieve that is using the LED lights.

Gone are the days when traditional bulbs were used in the sedans.

Now is the time when car manufacturers include these ambient lights already to give the car interiors a sophisticated look and feel.

Though there are still very few manufacturers making this feature available, you as a car owner can get these light strips installed within your sedans separately.

Yes, you’ve read it correctly! There are so many countless eye-catching LED light strips for car interiors available in the market that you can easily install inside your vehicle according to your preferences.


Add a Car Front Seat Organizer

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


While traveling by car, especially when it’s a long journey, you may find a few things mandatory to carry along with you. It may be some electronic gadget like a tablet or a car air freshener or maybe refreshing tissue packets, etc.

While you already have seat pockets to use, it might not make things that handy.

This is where a car front seat organizer becomes one of the best car decorations inside your car or truck.

It will help to keep your interior tidy as a result your driving space will not look like a mess which gives your car a good look and might make a good impression on your passengers as well.


Install a pet car seat

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


 If you have a lovely dog and she or he will always follow you every time and everywhere, there is a question rising around here: Is there a permanent dog seat in the car?

Yes, of course. I give you a choice – The Snoozer High-Back Console Lookout Pet Car Seat.

With its patented design, it allows your pet to have the comfort and security of riding next to you while in the car. It also attaches easily to your car’s.

Now you have an excellent car seat protector and a cool interior beautifier in your car all at the same time.


Attach Car Door Storage Pockets

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


While on a drive, be it long or short, some people carry chocolates, tissues, and so many other accessories along with them.

Such items, if not carried along, make your journey incomplete. Isn’t it? However, the pressure of holding the tissues or chocolates in hand throughout the drive is what annoys you the most.

This is where car door storage pockets come into the scene and become the best car interior accessories for decoration.

They remain attached to the door towards the inside of the car and help you store the small things, keeping your hands free throughout the journey.

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Install Car Seat Back Protectors

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


When it comes to taking due care of your car, the owners are often found focused on the exteriors and interiors of the vehicle. But then, there are a few minute portions that they miss out on taking care of.

One such part of the car that remains neglected is the car seat’s backside.

If you are among those who are searching for the best car interior decoration ideas and those who want to learn how to decorate a car interior, you have an option that will not only enhance the look of the car but also serve to be something useful.

Yes, we are talking about the car seat back protectors and kick mat and organizer for the back of your seat.


Add a Tissue Holder for your Car

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


Whether it is about giving your makeup a touch up or wiping your hands after having some snacks while on a drive, a tissue is very much required.

When you have tissues to use, you need to have a space to keep them so that they are easily available whenever you need it.

Of course, you might have multiple pockets where you can keep the tissue packets, but they might not be handy when extremely required.

Hence, a tissue holder for your car is recommended both in terms of usefulness as well as an item to decorate your car interior.


Decorate Your Car Dashboard with Dolls or Plants

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


Decorating your car doesn’t only mean including items that show how intelligent and smart you are.

Instead, it is a way in which you handle every space, small or big, in the wisest possible way.

Keeping things on the car dashboard is considered risky enough, but some items are designed to adorn the dashboard specifically.

Status and plants or feng shui things are some of the cute things to put in your car to make it look unique and attractive.

In fact, when it’s about dolls, you can also have other toys to decorate your sedans.

There are dancing dolls with their belly moving all the time, which sometimes signifies the beat playing through the music system of your car. Yes, that’s a tiny dancer.


Hang a Car Rear View Mirror Charms

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


Remember the wind chimes hung at the windows to decorate your bedrooms and supposed to bring good luck for you? Well, not only for your household, but the charms are still trending, and this time it’s been designed to adorn your car’s rear view mirror.

In fact, these lucky charms are considered as one of the best inside car decoration ideas for car owners.

Hanging the dream catcher in front of you will make your driving experience even more soothing.

Available in different shapes, sizes, and color, these charms are highly preferred by the car owners around the globe.


Install a car phone holder 

Car Interior Decoration Ideas


Don’t your family members get bored on a long trip? After all, just listening to songs doesn’t really help when you have miles to cover by car.

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However, you don‘t need to worry when your phone is there. Play a video or a movie for them to enjoy and get going.

If you are thinking of where to place your phone to make the videos or movies available or watchable for everyone around, you need to install a car phone holder for the purpose.

It is one of the best accessories for car interiors to be used by the car owners.

The placement of these holders will not only decorate your car but also let you include something useful for entertaining anyone who accompanies you during a particular journey.

In fact, if you feel frustrated because of driving for stretched hours, you can take the backseat somewhere in the middle of your ride and enjoy some videos and movies before starting again.




When it comes to making a car interior look better and luxurious, you need some of the best car interior decoration ideas and coolest car interior accessories to make your car look cool.

Isn’t it? For the 12 cool ways that I have given above, I think they are useful to you to decorate your vehicle. The 12 ways are not expensive. Trust me!




How can I decorate my car interior?


In fact, the answer to this frequently asked question depends on each person.

Some people feel like they need to upgrade the look of their steering wheel but some people tend to love coating their car seats.

So if you are planning to decorate your car interior to make it look cool and new, the advice here is to look at five following components: the steering wheel, the floor, the rear view mirror, the dashboard and the seats.


How do I make my interior cozy?


Well if you love the cozy feeling and you are looking for the answer to this question, we would like to make a suggestion that you turn your driving space into a sort of home.

You can create a soothing ambiance inside your car by playing music or filling the air with your favorite smell or you can put some extra cushions in your car just like you do in your living room.

And it’s also a good idea to keep everything essential around you so you can reach out for them conveniently.


How much does it cost to change the color of a car interior?


As far as we are concerned, the average cost of changing the color of a car interior falls between $500 and $1,500.

That’s the amount of money you will have to pay to a professional to color your car interior.

Of course, you can do the coloring work all by yourself but we highly recommend that you should take your car to a shop which provides the coloring service as it’s not just all about spraying on every corner of your car interior.

You also need skills to get the work done so your car interior will have a fabulous or at least a fine look.

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