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How to remove scratches on wheel rims


For me, when buying a new car or an old car, the scratches on the wheels and wheel hubs are very annoying. Even if it’s just a small scratch, I will find a way to get rid of it immediately. Just imagine it’s like your hand has a few small scratches. You will find it very unsightly. The first thing that comes to our mind when we get scratched limbs is that we will make them clean and give them some patches or something just like that. Here the way of fixing wheel rim scratches is as simple as that.

The following article will show you how to get rid of car scratches on wheel rims with just a few simple steps using search engines.

How to remove scratches on wheel rims

The cause of a scratched wheel

Car wheels are one of the most easily scratched parts. Scratches on car wheels are usually caused by: Daily travel on dusty roads, collisions, accidents, or unexpected incidents. These factors can all leave marks on the surface of the car’s wheels, forming small scratches to the car’s wheels. large scratches.

How to remove scratches on wheel rims

You may have observed that your lazang is broken and needs to be repaired. You can easily repair it by yourself although there are many service centers where you can get it repaired. But how to fix it safely, save money and be effective, the following method will help you find the solution you need. You can repair even the deepest scratches without having to spend time and money going to the salon.

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Tools you need:

Matte paint.

How to remove scratches on wheel rims

Glass cleaning solution.

How to remove scratches on wheel rims

Ready to ski.


Execute papers.

Paper and paper.

There are 8 basic steps to make your wheels look like new

How to remove scratches on wheel rims

Step 1. Clean the scratched area

You must first clean the surface of the scratch by using a spray bottle of specialized cleaning solution for glass and metal surfaces.

Normally, you can use glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the scratched area on the wheel.

Step 2. Sand

Have you ever seen a tire repairman? He uses a specialized abrasive called fine sandpaper. His hand is teasing again and again so that the tire surface is even. With the scratch of the wheel rim, we will do the same thing

If the scratch is located near the tire rim, you need to apply tape around it to avoid damaging the tire. Use fine sandpaper to remove scratches, so that the scratched surface becomes smooth.

Step 3. Use a Dishwasher

Next, you need to use a pre-prepared dishwashing sponge to rub over the scratched area a few times. Or use a fine sandpaper to remove scratches

Step 4. Cover the surrounding area

Tires are rubber material, wheel rims are alloy material. So when you are close to the edge of the wheel rim, you must cover the tire part so that when you touch the scratch of the wheel, you do not scratch your tire.

It’s advisable to use newspaper and tape to cover the part of the tire close to the scratch on the rim when you’re about to come close to the wheel rim.

Step 5. Apply Primer

The priming process seems easy, but it requires ingenuity and patience. If you handle it clumsily, the paint will shoot out, stick to the wheels and even the body of the car. So you must be careful.

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You can apply 3-4 coats of primer to the scratched area but remember to avoid spraying on other unscratched areas. After you have finished using the primer, you may just chill out a little bit and wait a few minutes for the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 6. Paint Color

After the paint from the primer has dried, you need to test the paint color to see if it matches the color of the wheels. Most wheels are usually silver, so choosing a paint is quite easy. You should remember to pay attention to paint the scratched part and avoid letting the paint stick on the tire. If the paint sticks to the surrounding parts, you can use gasoline to wipe the paint off.

Step 7. Paint the top coat

You should spray 2 coats of topcoat over the silver paint to protect the inner paint layers from elements such as acids, salts, water, etc.

To ensure the best protection of the inner paint, you should apply 2 more layers of 2k glossy PU specialized for car surface paint.

Step 8. Wait until it’s done

Wait about 30 minutes for the paint to dry and you can get the car to move on. It’s best to wait 2 hours after finishing coating. This is the best time for the layers of paint to harden

And remember to drive and park carefully to avoid other objects and hit your wheels. Although the do-it-yourself solution to fix the scratches is easy and simple, you probably don’t want to use it all over again.

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In a nutshell, removing scratches is pretty simple, isn’t it? We hope that this article can somewhat provide you with the information you are looking for. Try it if your wheels are like this. And don’t forget to stay tuned for more exciting pieces of information!

Frequently asked questions

1.How to polish lazing?

Your scratched enamel can be treated by following these simple techniques: cleaning, sanding, and finishing. In this way, you can easily remove and clean the scratches and scratches on the lazang.


Use a towel and specialized soap to wash the entire wheel. Remove as much dirt and grime as possible. Then rinse off with water.

Apply the tape directly around the scratched area to be treated. If the scratch is along the rim, make sure the tape sticks underneath the rim, so as not to damage the tire.


Treat the scratched area with sandpaper until the surface is smooth and don’t forget to sand the rim as well.

Cover all tires and any auto parts to prevent paint from spreading in unwanted areas.


Use primer to fill in scratches and stains. Spray a thin coat of paint directly onto the repaired area.

Next you will use the color paint to paint, it doesn’t matter which product you should spray, as long as it is the same color as the border. 

2. Can scratches be removed from the tire rim?

Scratches or dents can make your alloy rims look dull. But as long as your alloy rim damage is mild, you can usually repair it yourself. … Then, sand, fill, and paint your alloy rims to restore their condition and keep them looking good. 

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