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A useful guide on how to replace wiper blades

No matter how modern a car is, wiper blades are indispensable. 

What do you know about the use, how to set up maintenance, how to choose this small detail and how to replace wiper blades when the time comes? 

Don’t fret if you don’t know much as in this article, we will introduce all frequencies about the extremely useful fighter. 

Let’s stay tuned and shift gears with us!

how to replace wiper blades


Uses of wiper Blades

how to replace wiper blades


Born from the simple idea of ​​a woman living in New York, windshield wipers are now an immutable equipment of every car. 

No need to be a regular driver, every car user can understand the importance of this tool, especially in rainy, windy or foggy conditions.

The wiper is responsible for removing and cleaning dirt and water particles on the windshield; giving the driver the best and clearest vision. 

With only 2 rods that need to be able to operate continuously, the safety of car owners and other vehicles will be optimally guaranteed.

However, after a long time of operation and being affected by environmental factors, wipers will degrade and they will not be as good as usual.


Price of wiper blades

how to replace wiper blades


Wiper blades with basic iron mounts usually cost between 10 – 20 USD. Better rubber wiper blades will cost from 20 – 30 USD. 

If you want to choose famous high-quality products imported from countries around the world, the price can be up to 50 USD. 

Do not buy those that are too cheap to buy with durability and poor performance.


Signs of damage to wipers


Before applying our guide on how to replace wiper blades, first you need to know when you need to replace them. 

The first sign you can see is that an ‘old’ wiper will no longer be able to receive force and transmit force quickly. Springs on windshield wipers are weak and they can’t generate enough pressure to keep the blade as close to the windshield surface as before.

Next, you may notice that the contact rubber layer between the boom and the glass is corroded. 

Rust starts to appear in the positions of bolts and screws on the boom frame. 

The blade is bent, warped and it vibrates and makes an annoying creaking sound when used.

At this time, the performance of wipers will no longer be as desired. 

Water is only wiped in one direction or wiper blades can’t even wipe away water particles which leaves yellow stains on the windshield.
This results in obstructing the driver’s view and creates a dangerous situation for drivers in inclement weather conditions.

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How to replace wiper blades


According to the experience of car care and maintenance, car owners need to periodically check and replace windshield wipers every 6-18 months. 

However, for regular car users and those in the tropical climate with hot sun and rain, like Vietnam, the 6-month period is the most reasonable.

After checking for the symptoms mentioned above, the car owner can completely replace wiper blades with quite simple operations.

First, it is necessary to determine the 3 basic parts of the wiper, including: the metal wiper that connects from the windshield, the metal blade that attaches to the wiper, and the rubber blade. 

Based on the old wiper, you can buy a new similar lever and you should note that you do not arbitrarily upgrade with another type. It’s to avoid the incompatibility with the design of the windshield.

To be more careful, you can measure the length of the wiper blade and listen to advice about the specifications of the wiper from the seller. 

Don’t forget to check the full range of components that come with each wiper to make sure they’re compatible with your vehicle. After that, let’s start the replacement process by following these steps to install:


Step 1: Remove the old wiper

how to replace wiper blades


Raise the wiper so that it is perpendicular to the windshield and hold it firmly to avoid slipping and causing the wiper to rush straight into the glass.

Then, find the connecting pin located between the lever and the blade, gently press it to let the blade slide out quickly.

After that, remove the old wiper blade and clean the windshield and wiper with a soft cloth before installing the new one.


Step 2: Install the new wiper

how to replace wiper blades


Repeat the above order of operations. First, raise the wiper in a direction perpendicular to the windshield.

Next, install the new wiper in the position where it attaches to the wiper.

Finally, gently put the wiper back in place and test it.

In addition, for a more peace of mind, users can go to car repair and maintenance service centers to replace wipers if you are not confident to do the replacement on your own. 

However, whether you replace wiper blades yourself or have someone do it, you should always remember that after completing the installation of the new lever, you still need to double check this part because the lever can completely come loose from the locking pin at the end and slip off the lever holder.


How to choose to buy a standard car lever


On the market today, there are a variety of types, models and origins of wipers that serve the needs of users and become compatible with many types of cars. 

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This makes many car owners confused when searching and shopping for this tool especially when you wish to learn how to replace wiper blades to do the replacement yourself.

Therefore, to actively capture information before listening to advice from the seller, please pay attention to the following factors:


Material of the wiper

how to replace wiper blades


The lever and blade must be made from durable materials that can withstand frequent operations regardless of whether it is sunny, rainy or dusty. 

The brush part must be designed with soft materials, good adhesion and high elasticity in order not to scratch the car glass and so as to clean the glass with the best effect.

According to expert advice, silicone wipers over rubber wipers are an option that is worth your time and money.


Blade shape to match the windshield

how to replace wiper blades


Windshields on cars include 2 designs: flat and curved. 

Therefore, the selection of wipers should be combined with technical factors that the manufacturer provides on the package and with the compatibility with the parameters of the car windshield.

You should know that the size of the wiper blade is also very important to ensure that all the rainwater can be wiped off the entire surface of the car’s windshield. 

It’s highly recommended that you should see the old wiper as a reference to determine the most accurate length of the new wiper blade.



how to replace wiper blades


The reputation of the brand that manufactures car wipers will of course affect the evaluation criteria for the quality of this equipment. 

To make a smart investment, you may want to prioritize buying products from reputable manufacturers, with clear origins and only buy at trusted stores to avoid buying fake and imitation goods.


Care and maintenance of wipers during use


Although learning how to replace wiper blades is super handy, you don’t want to apply that frequently, do you? That’s why after you have a satisfactory lever, do not forget to use and care for this equipment properly to maintain its life. 

You should:

how to replace wiper blades

+ Regularly wipe off dust and dirt from the windshield and wiper blades with a soft cloth or paper. 

Remember not to use oil-based cleaners such as gasoline to clean wiper blades. 

At the same time, you should also use reputable branded glass cleaner and regularly add car glass cleaner if lacking.

+ Be sure to check for cracks and deep grooves that appear on the windshield due to soil and rock splashing during use, because this is also the cause of the quick wiper failure. In case of cracks or deep grooves, the driver should bring the car to professional repair and maintenance points for handling.

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+ Try not to park under the sun for too long. Hot temperatures will cause the rubber blade to quickly wear out. Besides, you should also cover the car when not in use for a long time.




The windshield on a car is the part that is directly exposed to the conditions of the environment. 

If it gets dirty while moving, it will obstruct visibility and cause an accident. Therefore, car manufacturers have created “wipers” that clean the windshield, to help drivers not have difficulty seeing in emergency situations. 

So how is this part structured? How to use car wipers to get the best effect? and How to replace wiper blades when necessary? The helpful information we have given will help answer these questions.




How much should it cost to replace wiper blades?


There are two costs that make up the total cost of replacing wiper blades: the labor cost and the cost of new wipers. 

As we have mentioned above, the cost of new wipers depends on the type of your vehicle. 

However, you can expect an average price ranging from $35 to $52 (taxes and fees excluded). 

As for the labor cost, on average, you may have to spend between $26 and $33. If you are confident in doing the replacement on your own, then you’ll only need to pay for the cost of new wiper blades.


Should you always replace both wiper blades?


The answer is yes. You should replace both wiper blades at the same time when one of them needs replacing. 

The reason for this act is that two wiper blades are often of the same age and design and they wear out at the same rate. 

Therefore, if you notice that one wiper calls for a replacement, you should check the other one too. 

The chances that the other one should be renewed are also high. And if you are driving a minivan, SUV or hatchback, you may want to check rear wiper blades too.


Can you have 2 different wiper blades?


Yes, you can. In fact, many experts claim that you should have two different wiper blades to make sure that the wiped space is the widest. 

And to decide which size is the most suitable for your car, you need to know exactly where the wiper pivots are located. 

In some cases, it’s best to install a long wiper blade on the driver’s side and to install a shorter one on the passenger’s side to have the best wiping effect. However, there are cases where the position of the long and short wiper blade is reversed.


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