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Top 10 best aftermarket steering wheels for cars in 2021

As car drivers, we all want to upgrade the look of our cars, making them look gorgeous and unique both on the inside and outside.

For exterior, the most popular way to beautify our cars is to apply the paint job or use car wraps. And for interior, car geeks usually change the look of their driving space with accessories.

They could use car seat covers, portable air conditioners or interior sets of wrap. However, have you ever heard of using steering wheels as a method of changing the look of your car?

That’s right, you can replace your original steering wheels provided by the manufacturers with alternative steering wheels to enjoy great experiences when driving.

And today, in this article, we will take the honor and present to you the top 10 best aftermarket steering wheels among thousands of thousand products available in the market so that you can find it easier to choose one for yourself.

The automotive steering wheel market overview

best aftermarket steering wheels

To make it a little bit different from our previous comprehensive guides we would like to give you an overview of the automotive steering wheel market.

The reason why we add this part is that we want our readers to feel more gripping when reading our writing and if possible you may find a chance of doing business here.

In general, the market for automotive steering wheels is a big and potential one. According to Technavio, this market was valued at 2.7 billion US dollars in 2016 and from 2016 to 2021, this market has seen a growth of 4.7% CAGR.

Also according to this company, the value of this market is expected to rise up to 3.6 billion US dollars in 2022 so you can see that aftermarket steering wheels have been incredibly popular and well received by customers.

The market is segmented into 3 groups: diameter sizes, type of market covers and technology.

As for diameter segment, steering wheels have been divided into three teams: the small diameter ones, the medium diameter ones and the big diameter ones.

And in terms of type, the market is made of steering wheels made from synthetic plastics, synthetic leather, genuine leather, wood and other materials.

And based on technology which is used to manufacture steering wheels, the market is built from normal steering wheels and control embedded steering wheels.

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Why do people use aftermarket steering wheels?

Aftermarket steering wheels are nothing but steering wheels. They help to control steering in your cars and turn your cars into the direction that you want to head to.

You may think that they are just like your built steering wheels, nothing more then why do you have to spend your time and money on purchasing them?

Why do people use aftermarket steering wheels

The answer is they offer you a lot of benefits that your original ones fail to do.

The first benefit that aftermarket steering wheels provide you with is they give you experiences of better handling.

Normally, your original steering wheels are made from plastic and sometimes you find it hard and uncomfortable to grab or touch them.

However, with these alternatives you can get rid of that feeling as they are made from different materials which give you a more comfortable feeling when touching such as leather or wood.

Not only that, they are usually slimmer than original steering wheels so it will provide you with more space to control your car more easily.

The second one is that they give your cars new looks. After a long time of use, it is inevitable that your original steering wheels are victims of wear and tear if they are not equipped with airbags in the first place.

When that time comes, the appearance of your cars’ interior will not be good-looking and you may see it as a mood downer every time you are in your car.

But aftermarket car steering wheels can deal with that problem and bring back the brand new look of your cars’ interior.

The third benefit you can get is that they enhance the value of your cars.

This is somehow a derived benefit which originates from the second benefit.

Once your cars’ appearance is upgraded, it will give you an advantage in dealing price with your buyers when you wish to sell your cars.

And the last one is you are open to a wide variety of choices to change the look of your cars.

These products are manufactured with a lot of styles and colors so you stand a big chance of redecorating your cars’ interior in the way that you want.

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Are aftermarket steering wheels safe?

Steering wheel is an important part of your car. It helps you to take control of your car’s movement so it affects your driving safety to some extent.

Are aftermarket steering wheels safe

That is why many car owners wonder whether after steering wheels for cars are safe or not as they do not want to trade their safety with a stylish look.

In fact, whether replacing your originally equipped steering wheels with aftermarket ones is dangerous or not depends on the quality of the product that you purchase.

If you place an order from reputable and prestigious manufacturers, then it is totally safe to upgrade your wheel’s look with an alternative one as the high quality of the product is guaranteed.

But if the steering wheel you are going to buy is a poor quality product, you should drop the idea of purchasing it as you may put yourself in danger.

So before jumping to spend your money on an aftermarket car steering wheel, make sure that you test the product carefully.

It is highly recommended that you ask a professional mechanic to help you with the installation regardless of the quality of the wheels as it secures your after better.

How to choose aftermarket steering wheels?

As we have said, there are legends of steering wheels available in the market right now so you can feel rather confused when you are buying a product for your car.

How to choose aftermarket steering wheels

So what should you look for when buying an aftermarket steering wheel? Here is our guide

The first thing you should keep in mind when buying an alternative steering wheel is to decide why you are buying an alternative steering wheel.

If you are planning to buy one to serve the purpose of racing, then you should choose a steering wheel that has a diameter 30-40 big.

But if you are buying one for daily use, then you should go for one with a bigger diameter as the size of diameter will affect the flexibility of your car.

The second note that you should take when buying a wheel is to choose products from well-known brands.

In the previous part, we have mentioned how the quality of your steering wheel affects your safety.

That is why you should spend your money on famous brands to make sure that it is safe to replace your original steering wheel.

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The third thing as well as the last thing that you should bear in mind is to take materials and compatibility into consideration.

Materials from which steering wheels are made are extremely important as they will affect your feeling when driving.

Not only that, some steering wheels made from specific materials require maintenance.

For instance, Alcantara steering wheels ask for regular maintenance while the time needed for maintenance decreases when it comes to leather ones.

And you also need to check whether the aftermarket steering wheel you are going to buy is compatible with your car or not as it will affect the function of your steering system.

Best aftermarket steering wheels

Now it’s time for the main part. In this section, we are going to review 10 products that we choose as best aftermarket steering wheels for cars and trucks after we have experienced and done some research. Here we go.

Grant 415 Challenger Steering Wheel

Our first pick is Grant 415 Challenger Steering Wheel. Starting producing steering wheels in 1962, Grant is one of the first and best pioneers in providing high quality steering wheels for car users and you can totally rely on their 415 Challenger.

Grant 415 Challenger Steering Wheel, Black

About this item

  • 13 1/2″ Diameter wheel with 2 1/4″ dish
  • Grant excusive Dual-Plane design
  • Black cushioned foam grip
  • Silver satin steel spokes
  • Grant installation kit required

Check Price Now
This product is their best-selling one. It has received 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon and it’s currently sold at $63.99 on this website.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the dual-plane spoke steering wheel will make you fall in love with it right from the first look.

It is a combination of classic and modern designs with black and white, which gives you a feeling of grandeur and purity at the same time.

Not only that, when touching it, you will experience comfort and softness as it is equipped with a black-cushioned foam grip.

In addition, the universal fit steering wheel can provide you with comfortable and amazing driving experiences thanks to a 13.5-inch diameter wheel and a 2.25-inch dish.

You will have a lot of space to take control of your car and you will feel like you can freely control your car.

Pros Cons
 Your car will look all the rage with mesmerizing silver satin steel spokes

 It is equipped with an exclusive dual-plane spoke

 It provides you will comfortable driving experiences

 It cooperates with Grant 3000 and 4000 installation kits

 It is not compatible with Grant Billet or Euro installation kits

 It requires Grant kit for installation

Grant 415 Challenger Steering Wheel at Amazon


Sparco Leather Steering Wheel Ring

The next aftermarket steering wheel that we would like to recommend to you is the Sparco leather steering wheel ring model 015TRGL1TUV.

Sparco 015TRGL1TUV Leather Steering Wheel Ring

About this item

  • Leather steering wheel ring
  • Ultimate finishing detail
  • Perfect accent for the car show competitor
  • 36 mm dish

Check Price Now
Sparco has been long famous for best quality and highly safe car accessories so there is no surprise that their product is on our list.

This product from Sparco is completely safe when using and it makes you feel like you can not find a flaw out of it.

Made from black leather, this steering wheel is not only stylish but also comfortable to use. Great driving experiences are guaranteed when you apply this product to your car.

The driving comfort is even enhanced with the flat-deep dish. Moreover, you can easily place an order for this product on Amazon at the price of $239.5.

We know, it’s a flashy price but it’s worthy for a 4.7-star rated product like this one.

Pros Cons
 It is a universal fit for passenger cars

 It is equipped with six bolt patterns which make it firmly attach to your car

 It has an chic and sporty look with the premium leather prim cover and three aluminum spokes

 The flat-deep dish and 13-inch diameter give you extremely comfortable driving experiences


 The price is quite high

Sparco Leather Steering Wheel Ring Model 015TRGL1TUV at Amazon


Momo Quark Black Urethane Steering Wheel

The third aftermarket steering wheel on our list of top 10 best products is one from Momo, one of the top brands in the steering wheel market.

MOMO QRK35BK0B Quark Black 350 mm Urethane Steering Wheel

About this item

  • Black urethane with colored top grain leather inserts
  • 350 mm (13.8 in) diameter, measured outside to outside
  • 28×32 mm rim diameter
  • 45×38 mm anatomic grip

Check Price Now

The Momo urethane steering wheel is pretty prevalent with car drives as it is a high-grade quality product with leather grip and unique design.

Not only that, it is so high-fashioned and strong with three aircraft aluminum spokes of superb quality that when you touch it you will feel like you are driving a racing car.

It has also received lots of positive comments on its quality, safety and comfort when driving on Amazon.

And as a result, it has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. And what is interesting is that with all the amazing benefits you can get out of this product, you can have it available at a quite reasonable price of $84.94.

Pros Cons
 It provides car drivers with a sporty and cool look

 It is easy to install and perfectly fitted to passenger cars

 It is designed with a 13-inch diameter which allows comfortable drives

 It may be a little bit slippery as it’s made from leather but it has grip pads to ensure that you can control your car well

Momo Quark Black Urethane Steering Wheel at Amazon


Nardi Classic Steering Wheel

The product that takes the next position out of our handpicked 10 best aftermarket steering wheels is Nardi Classic Steering Wheel.

Nardi Steering Wheel – Classic – 390 mm (15.35 inches) – Wood with Polished Spokes

About this item

  • Universal Application [Requires 6 hole hub adapter with a 2.875 inch bolt pattern to install]
  • 100% Genuine Nardi-Personal Product
  • 100% Made in Italy

Check Price Now

As you may know, most Ferrari cars are using wheels from Nardi so you can rest assured that if you use this product, your car will somehow step up to the next level of splendor and flashiness.

And for that reason, you may anticipate that the price of this product is not low.

In fact, this product is being sold on Amazon at $447.27, a price which is unaffordable for a number of car drivers.

But if you can afford this 4.6-star steering wheel, you will see that the amount of money you spend is not a waste.

This product is made from wood and aluminum, which makes your car look like a classic one that is only available for a few people.

With the rim made of shiny wood and perfectly fit in your hands, you can experience a super comfortable and literally head-turning drive that you have never had before.

Not only that, with the bright aluminum spokes, you can sense the steadiness and freedom all at the same time the second that you touch it.

Pros Cons
 It provides you with a comfortable grip thanks to a smooth exterior and a 13.9-inche diameter

 It is a universal fit

 It is stylish and classy thanks to pure wooden rim

 It has an unmatchable design

 The price is quite unaffordable

Nardi Classic Steering Wheel at Amazon


NRG Innovations Racing Steering Wheel Black Leather

It would be a remiss if NRG steering wheels didn’t appear on this list of best aftermarket steering wheels.

NRG Innovations, ST-006BK-Y, 350mm 3 Inches Deep Dish 6 Hole Racing Steering Wheel 

About this item

  • ▶️ The Frame is made of High Quality Aluminum and is wrapped with Leather
  • ▶️ Black Stitch Design with Yellow Center Marking ; Black Spokes
  • ▶️ 350mm Diameter 3″ Deep Dish Racing Spec.
  • ▶️ 5mm Thick Spokes ; Horn Button is Retained
  • ▶️ Universally fits with any Standard 70mm 6-Bolt Racing Hub Adaptors (e.g. Nardi, Personal, Momo, Sparco,…etc.)

Check Price Now

Although NRG is younger than other companies in terms of operation time, it is one of the top brands in supplying high-quality steering wheels in the market right now.

And the product that we would like to introduce in this part is the NRG Innovations steering wheel.

This product is produced to serve both the racing purpose and daily use purpose.

Unlike the above steering wheels, this product is equipped with a horn button in the middle of the wheel.

This will make you feel like you are in a racing car even if your car isn’t one.

Not only that with the unique 6-hole hub adapter and a 13.75 diameter, you can enjoy incredibly comfortable driving experiences. The 4.7-star product is now available for sale at $144.39.

It’s a little bit high but it’s a smart investment.

Pros Cons
 It is made from high-grade leather

 It’s high-fashioned and easy to install

 It is equipped with a quick-release hub

 The perfect grip is assured

 For some products, the yellow mark may not be at the right center.

NRG Innovations Racing Steering Wheel Black Leather at Amazon


Sparco Black Leather Champion Limited Edition Steering Wheel

Another Sparco steering wheel that should not be ignored when you are searching for best aftermarket steering wheels is the Sparco Champion steering wheel.

Sparco 015TCHMP Black Leather Champion Limited Edition Steering Wheel

About this item

  • Ensures good grip
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Black in color
  • 65 mm dish

Check Price Now

As the manufacturer has claimed it a champion, this product is indeed one of the best racing steering wheels existing in the market right now.

This product can match with most passenger cars and it’s considerably robust. You can feel right from the moment you lay your hands on it.

Apart from the stylish look, this product will give you a feeling of a steering wheel manufactured with great precision.

Not only that, to provide car drivers with the safest and most comfortable drives, Sparco has applied every method to make sure that the vibrations are reduced to the minimum level while the grip is still perfect.

In addition, to help drivers carry out the installation job easily, Sparco has also added a cool red mark and a 12 o’clock installation hub to the wheel. The 4.8-star rated steering wheel will undoubtedly make your 260 US dollars count.

Pros Cons
 It is equipped with a horn button at the heart of the wheel

 It is made from perforated leather of premium quality

 It has a long lifespan

 It ensures safe, comfortable and cool drives

 The required hub is sold separately

Sparco Black Leather Champion Limited Edition Steering Wheel at Amazon


Momo Steering Wheel Heritage Indy Mahogany Wood

The seventh aftermarket steering wheel that we highly recommend is the Momo heritage indy made from mahogany wood.

MOMO Steering Wheel Heritage Indy Mahogany Wood

About this item

  • Finished in beautiful mahogany wood
  • Diameter 350 mm – grip 27 x 26 mm – dish 37 mm
  • Silver spokes

Check Price Now

The product is not only safe to use but it is also super attractive with glossy wood rim and aluminum spokes.

Many customers even say that they know that this is the steering wheel that they are looking for at first sight of it.

To make it easier for car drivers to take control of the wheel, the product is designed to be as lightweight as possible.

Together with that lightweight feature, a 35-cm diameter considerably enhances the driving comfort when you use this product.

This product is also highly rated on Amazon with 4.6 out of 6 stars. However the price seems to be a factor that deters drivers from placing an order as it is currently available at $279.95.

Pros Cons
 It provides you with a perfect grip thanks to mahogany wooden rim

 It is lightweight

 It is perfectly fitted to classic and racing cars

 It is quite expensive

Momo Steering Wheel Heritage Indy Mahogany Wood at Amazon


Rxmotor Drifting Deep Dish Sport Steering Wheel

The next candidate on our list of 10 best aftermarket steering wheels is a product from Rxmotor called Rxmotor drifting sport steering wheel.

Rxmotor Drifting Deep Dish 350mm 6 Hole Sport Steering Wheel Racing Trim Universal

About this item

  • 350mm Universal Fit Steering Wheel. ** Not a Stand Alone Product, You will need to purchase a 6 bolt pattern hub adapter separately in order to install this item**
  • Steering wheel hub adapter is not included with this package
  • Made by approved & certified manufacturers with materials that meet or exceed road use regulations
  • 30 Days money back guarantee & 90 Days Limited Warranty
  • Brand new in original box, never been tried on & used

Check Price Now

This producer is quite new to most people but it doesn’t necessarily mean that their steering wheels aren’t good. In fact their products are awesome ones.

This product, let alone, is considered as one of the best well-designed and high-quality products in the market.

Many car drivers also call this product a big steal as it offers perfect driving experiences at a reasonable price. Indeed, the 4.5 star steering wheel is sold at an affordable price compared to others, 42.99 US dollars at Amazon.

This product is made from PVC leather, which gives you all the chills when touching it.

Not only that, with a 13.75-inch diameter and a 6-bolt layout, it confidently gives you one of the most comfortable drives you have ever had. Moreover, its sporty look is unquestionably fantastic.

It is elegantly designed with top-quality metal spokes and a deep dish which is enough to make a good impression on buyers.

To make this product more attractive, Rxmotor even offers customers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What will you say? A true steal, right?

Pros Cons
 It is sold at a reasonable price

 It gives your car a classic and sporty look

 An excellent handling and grip experience is ensured

 You will need to buy a hub adapter separately

 You may need to have a mechanic install the mounting bolts

Rxmotor Drifting Sport Steering Wheel at Amazon


NRG Steering Wheel Classic Wood Grain

The ninth aftermarket steering wheel that you can take into consideration when planning to buy is the NRG steering wheel classic wood grain.

NRG Steering Wheel Classic Wood Grain with Black Spokes 330mm

About this item

  • Installs with a NRG, MOMO, or ISOTTA steering wheel adapter [ hub ] which can be bought separately from our store.
  • Authorized NRG Dealer
  • 100% Genuine NRG

Check Price Now

It could be said that this product is a combination of high quality, affordability, comfort and precision.

About precision, this product is divided into two models. One has a matte black finish and the other has a chrome finish.

Both of them are beautifully combined with a classic mahogany and glossy wooden look so whatever model you choose, you will have a cool-looking steering wheel in your car.

As for the comfort aspect, you can expect an extremely comfortable driving experience with a 360-mm diameter.

And about its affordability feature, the 4.5 star steering wheel is available on Amazon at $128, an acceptable price for most car drivers.

And finally about high quality, this product, just like other NRG products, has to undergo many tests before going out in the market so you don’t have to worry about its quality at all.

Pros Cons
 It is suitable for classic cars and racing cars

 It is equipped with a quick-release hub

 It’s a product of innovation

 You can’t install it yourself

 It does not come with a hub adapter

NRG Steering Wheel Classic Wood Grain


Nardi Steering Wheel: Deep Corn

Concluding our top 10 best aftermarket steering wheels is the Deep Corn steering wheel from the prestigious Nardi.

Nardi Steering Wheel – Deep Corn – 350mm (13.78 inches) 

About this item

  • Universal Application [Requires Vehicle Specific 6 Hole Hub Adapter (Boss Kit) with 74mm Bolt Pattern]
  • 100% Genuine
  • Made in Italy

Check Price Now

It is not overrated to say that the black-colored steering wheel is a perfect product you should not miss when you wish to upgrade the look of your car with a new steering wheel.

This Nardi product is equipped with a deep disc which is available in two variants.

The bigger one is 3.15-inch deep and it is designed with a 13.78-inch diameter while the smaller one is 2.09-inch deep and has a 13-inch diameter installed to it.

Therefore, you will stand a good chance of choosing a steering wheel that is best for your car.

Like other Nardi wheels, this product has a classic horn button at its center, which gives you a feeling of a high-fashioned racing car.

But with red stitches added, this product somehow looks more classy than its brothers. But that is not what makes it stand out.

Unlike other steering wheels on this list, the Nardi deep corn steering wheel is made from black suede leather which provides users more comfortable feeling and better hand grips.

You can easily purchase this product on Amazon at a price of $330.83.

The 4.7 star steering wheel will definitely satisfy you.

Pros Cons
 It has a great and appealing look

 The quality of materials is unquestionably superb

 It is available at two choices

 It provides car drivers with excellent hand grips

 It is pretty costly

 It needs a 6-bolt hub adapter which is sold separately and specifically designed

Nardi Deep Corn Steering Wheel at Amazon

That’s 10 best aftermarket steering wheels that we have handpicked for you.

In our opinion, if you are looking for a best budget steering wheel then you may want to consider the Grant 415 one as it not only is affordable but it also provides you with everything you can expect from an alternative steering wheel.

But if you are looking for the best design steering wheel and price is not a big deal for you, then you may want to consider the two above Nardi options as they are epitomes of high-grade quality, brilliant design and driving comfort.

Author’s view

That’s the end of our comprehensive guide. We really hope that these pieces of information are useful to you when you are having a plan of buying alternative steering wheels.

As a final remark, we would like to say that if your car is equipped with airbags then you should not try to buy an alternative steering wheel even when your original one is worn.

You should find another way to upgrade its look.

But if your car doesn’t come with airbags, then buying a new steering wheel is not a bad idea to redecorate your car but you should remember that you should invest your time and effort in the researching job as it is directly related to your driving comfort and safety.


Who makes the best steering wheel for cars?

This is a hard question to answer as it depends on customers’ perspective. But there is one thing for sure that if you are looking for the best steering wheels for cars, you can put your faith in key players like Nardi, Grant, NRG, Momo, Sparco, etc.

Do aftermarket steering wheels have airbags?

Unfortunately, they don’t have airbags coming along. In fact if you browse the Internet and look for best steering wheel manufacturers, you will see that the market is dominated by producers who specialize in automotive parts for racing cars and racing cars are not equipped with airbags.

Therefore, we have highly recommended that you should not replace your original steering wheels if they are equipped with airbags as once you replace them with aftermarket steering wheels, your cars will not have airbags anymore.

Are aftermarket steering wheels legal?

It depends on whether your car is equipped with airbags or not. If your car is supported with airbags, then it’s illegal to use an aftermarket steering wheel in your car as it’s not legal to remove airbags from your car.

But if your car doesn’t have airbags to come along, then you are free to upgrade the look of your car with a new steering wheel. In addition, it’s advisable that when it comes to new cars, you should ask whether it’s legal or not to use an aftermarket steering wheel in your car.

Do aftermarket steering wheels affect insurance?

It depends on the policy of your insurance company. Normally, you will have to declare the condition of your car when you are about to sign an insurance contract.

The company will cover the appearance and performance of your car at a fixed rate.

If you make a change to your car’s look, in this case upgrading your car’s look with an aftermarket steering wheel, you should inform the insurer of that to see whether they cover that change or not.

If they don’t, then your new steering wheel doesn’t affect the insurance but if they do, your terms of insurance are affected as the value of your car is changed and you will be charged at a higher rate.

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