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Best car seat covers in 2021 ( Top 8 Car Seat Covers )

To have relaxing and comfortable driving experiences, you will need car seats of high-grade quality. Your car seats should be made from materials that gives you comfort every time you step on the driving space and have a seat on them. How can you enjoy your drive if you feel like you are sitting on a hard plank instead of a soft and fluffy cushion?

There is no way that could happen. However, the quality of the materials from which your car seats are made is not the only factor that pays tribute to having the best driving experiences. The appearance of your car seats is also an important element that gives you chilled drives.

Best car seat covers in 2021

There is a big difference between driving with clean, shiny and good-looking seats and driving with stained, worn out and degraded seats. Your mood will be affected. Yet, there is a disappointing fact that car owners all have to face that car seats can not remain their best look forever.

There are certain points at which their looks will deteriorate. There are many reasons leading to this deterioration. It could be a cup of coffee spilled on them, your baby being a little bit naughty or your pet misbehaving. But what if we tell you that there is a perfect solution to this problem?

You are surely capable of prolonging the excellent look of your car seats by providing them with car seat covers. These covers are just like coats to your car seats but they are protective. And today we are talking about this amazing product: covers for your car seats.

In this comprehensive guide, we will be honored to present to you the best car seat covers among thousands of products available on the market right now and we will also provide you with other useful pieces of information relating to this product as usual. Now, let’s rock.

What is a car seat cover?

What is a car seat cover

It is always a good idea to start with the definition of something that you are about to talk about. We believe that that the concept of a product is added in an article will provide a basic understanding about that product and in some cases give readers an overview of what benefits they will get out of using the product.

As we have said earlier, you can see a car seat cover as a coat or an outfit provided to your car seat. It serves the purpose of protecting your seat from stains, wear and tear, sunlight exposure and so on.

In fact, a car seat cover can provide protection for the whole seat, the seat bottom and the backrest area or just the seat bottom. It is up to your decision whether which part of your car seat is the most vulnerable and needs protective coverings.

A car seat cover could be installed to your car for a long or short period of time. This also depends on what you think is the best for you.

And speaking of installation, you can purchase a car seat cover for your driving seat or the front seats only and if you wish, manufacturers can also provide you with covers for your back seats. Moreover, you can also choose to “dress” your seats with universal fit covers or custom-fit covers.

If you want to save time and money, you can go with the universal fit option but if you want to have perfectly fit and unique coats for your seats then the custom-fit is the better option for you. Whatever you may choose, we think that the best car seat covers are the ones who meet your requirements the best.

Types of seat covers

There are loads of factors which give you the foundation to classify car seat covers. You can divide them in groups relating to their functions like the UV ray protection, stain protection of something along those lines or you can put them in groups concerning installation such as near-permanent covers or easy-to-remove covers.

Types of seat covers

However, mechanics usually classify seat covers based on materials of which they are made and their fit. The reason for this act is simple: it is easier to identify the best car seat covers when they understand their core so that they can choose the most suitable covers that meet the customers’ requirements.

Based on materials, there are 7 popular following car seat covers:

The first one is neoprene seat covers. Covers made from this material are well known for their excellent waterproof ability. For your information, neoprene is the substance that manufacturers use to make scuba suits.

As a result, if you purchase a neoprene car seat cover, it means that you provide your seat with a perfect shield fighting against water or liquid damage. Thanks to this property, covers made from neoprene are incredibly favored by off-road enthusiasts as they can enjoy their adventurous journeys without worrying about their seats being stained with mud or rain.

The second one is ballistic nylon seat covers. For car drivers, although ballistic nylon is not the most comfortable material in the world, they are blissfully happy when coating their seats with covers manufactured from this material as it provides a heavy-duty guard not only against water but also against toxic UV rays.

However, that is not everything cool about ballistic nylon covers. They are also in a position to provide car owners with a strong shield against the muddy pet paws.

Therefore, if you give your pet a ride in your car which has already been equipped with ballistic nylon seat outfits, you do not have to trouble your mind with the thought that your pet may ruin your car seats. That is not to mention that ballistic nylon is super durable and it was originally used to make flak jackets for fighter pilots during World War II.

So you can completely rest assured that ballistic covers are among the best car seat covers on the market.

The third one is velour seat covers. Unlike two above types of covers, covers made from velour do not give a good performance in resisting water. So they are not a good choice for car drivers who are looking for waterproof seat covers.

However, for car drivers who are in search of comfortable and stylish covers for their seats, they are perfectly suitable. Usually made from polyester or cotton, velour covers can provide drivers with extra-soft finish and unmatched comfort just like they are made from velvet. For this reason, velour covers are pretty prevalent with car drivers.

The fourth one that we would like to present is leather seat covers. Leather has never been ignored when manufacturers look for luxurious and durable materials to make high-grade quality car accessories.

Just like other products made from leather, leather seat covers do not let water and most liquids pass through but to keep them upon their surfaces so that you can easily wipe them out with a cloth. So if you want well water-proof and grand car seat covers, leather ones should stay out of your list.

Yet, there is one problem with covers made from leather. On hot days, you may find that your leather covers could be a little bit sticky and prone to wear due to the heat. Loads of cover producers are trying to deal with this problem so that customers will feel completely satisfied when using leather products.

The fifth type of seat cover is suede seat covers. If you like leather covers but you find that they are pretty unaffordable for you, you can choose to buy suede covers instead.

They are less costly than leather for sure and they are the best alternative covers to leather ones that you can find. Although they are not as good as leather covers, they are not poor quality products and they are even tougher and less likely to wear than leather one.

However there is one red notice that you’d better keep in mind when choosing to purchase suede covers is that you should ask your salesman whether suede covers you are going to buy are water resistant and UV rays-proof or not because as far as we are concerned, suede is not naturally born with the ability to resist to water damage and UV rays.

The sixth cover that you may find among the most popular car seat covers in the market right now is tweed seat covers. You can say that tweed seat covers are an alternative to velour covers as they give you the same comfortable feeling just like when you are sitting on velour covers.

Not only that, covers made from tweed are considerably more resistant to wear and stains than velour ones. As a result, you can expect a long lifespan and long lasting good look from a tweed seat cover. And this product is also a good choice for car drivers who fall in love with textured patterns as it is a well woven product especially designed for your car seat.

The last type of seat cover is saddle blanket seat covers. These covers are incredibly matching for car drivers who are passionate about durable and rugged “western” look seat covers. Not only the look, saddle blanket seat covers are easy to clean and suitable for heavy-duty use as they are woven in a pretty tight way.

Besides, they are able to provide your car with great protections against tear and stains. In a nutshell, you can say that saddle blanket seat covers are a combination of style, comfort and high quality which can satisfy loads of car drivers.

Those are types of car seat covers based on materials, what about types of seat covers based on the fitting feature? Well, based on the fit, there are two types of covers.

The first one is custom seat covers. If you are looking for the best car seat covers that perfectly fit your car seats, the easiest way is to find a seat cover supplier that provides tailor service. Not only will you have seat covers that fit every inch of your seating areas but you will also have covers which are unique and solely designed for you.

The feeling of designing your own car interior is unbeatable.

The other one is semi-custom seat covers. This type of seat cover is much cheaper than the custom cover. If you can add any detail or color that you want to a custom cover, you can not do that with a semi-custom cover.

Instead, semi-custom seat covers are designed by manufacturers and you only choose ones that fit your seats and appear to be the most tasteful to you. Yet, on average the amount of time that it takes to have your car coated with semi-custom covers is less than that when you want custom covers as they are already available to install while their custom brother needs time for manufacturing.

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What benefits do car seat covers offer?

Protection is not the only benefit that you can get out of using car seat covers. In fact, they can offer more than that. Let’s stay tuned and dig deep with us to find out what you can benefit from car seat covers.


The first one is, of course like we have said, protection. It is inevitable that your car seats will be covered in dust, mud or something just like that during their time of performance. This is more likely to happen when you are an off-road lover and you love going off the beaten tracks.

Or sometimes, you want to enjoy some food or drinks in your driving space and you accidentally spill them all over your seating area. In cases like those, your original seats may lose their beautiful look or even go worn out. And as a result, you will have to spend a big sum of money on the repair work.

But if you use car seat covers, you can protect your original upholstery from stains, dust or grime as they will help to leave your original seats untouched and they are much easier to clean.

UV protection

The sun is also a cause that leads to your car seats’ damage. The UV rays can ruin the good appearance of your seats as they can pass through your car windows and make your seats fade. However, with seat covers you can provide your sitting area with an effective guard against UV rays. This is also the feature that you will find in all best car seat covers.

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Talking about this benefit that car seat covers offer you can understand it in two following ways. The first one is that car seat covers hide away your torn or stained seats. After a long time of use, your seats deteriorate and they make your interior look bad. In this case, as new coats to your seats, seat covers will veil all the flaws and give your car a brand new look.

The other way to get the hang of this benefit is that they will change the look of your car. After a while, even if your seats are still in a good condition, you feel like you want to do some changes to your sitting area as it looks dull or universal or something like that.

Then car seat covers can help you in this case. You can purchase semi-custom covers to upgrade your car look or you can choose custom ones which are designed as you desire.


This benefit that car seat covers offer can be seen in the most conspicuous way when you are planning to sell your old car. The more good-looking your car is, the more valuable it is. So if you can keep your car seats in a good condition, you will stand a good chance of charging more money for your old car.

You can say that this is a derived benefit as the protection benefit that car seat covers offer is the root that leads to your advantage in the reselling stuff.


The last benefit that we would like to present is customization. As we have said earlier, you can have car seat covers that are solely designed according to your tastes. You can add elegant, grand or funky characteristics to your covers. You can choose the color that you like.

You can do anything that you want. It is up to your imagination and your budget of course. So having car seat covers is just like you are designing your own car interior and that to some car owners is one of the best feelings in the world.

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Seat covers buying guide

As customers who wish to protect our sitting area, we all want to buy the best car seat covers that will give a perfect performance and last for a long period of time. However, that seems to be pretty hard as there are legions of car seat covers in the market right now.

If you do not do the research thoroughly, you may end up purchasing covers of poor quality. For that reason, we are here to help. We will take the honor of giving you a comprehensive guide on how to buy seat covers which are the best.

In fact, the best covers for your car seats are usually the ones that meet your requirements the best. Every type of cover is designed to serve some specific purposes. Some are designed with the UV ray-resistant feature but some are manufactured to help you protect your sitting area from damages caused by pets.

So you should keep in mind that you should know exactly what you are buying car seat covers for. This will help you choose the most suitable covers for you and make your investment a wise one.

If you are simply looking for covers that help you to minimize the effect of wear and tear and the toxic UV rays emitting from the sun, then you can choose from a wide range of options. Any seat cover available right now in the market is ideal for you. It is just a matter of taste and budget.

For example, you can choose faux leather covers. They give a pretty good performance in protecting your seats from normal wear and tear and from UV rays. But if you are a little bit rolling in money, you can choose the authentic leather covers which are more effective and grand-looking.

And if you are in search of seat covers that help you to deal with the problems that may arise when you drive with your pet, then the best car seat covers for you are the ones that are absorbent, easily washable and perfectly fine with washing machines.

In this case, seat covers you are looking for need to be absorbent so they can effectively tackle the pet issues but they also need the washable feature so that you can keep them clean and smell-free. You do not want to drive in a car filled with horrible smells right?

But if you are only looking for car seat covers that provide you with protection against rain, mud, sweat or liquid, then the best choice you can make is to go with covers that are completely waterproof. In this case, as we have presented above, covers that are made from neoprene are probably what you need.

They are expert at resisting water. Not only that, they are pretty easy to install and do not require much care for maintenance. In addition, neoprene covers are supposed to be portable and foldable so you can carry them whenever and wherever you want.

Apart from your requirements, you should also pay attention to the size of your seat. There is no point in choosing covers that match everything you require but the size of your sitting area. Even if you are into them, you are left with two choices.

You put them in stock and buy new ones or you can exchange for more fitted ones if the buying terms allow it. But we personally think that you will not like either of those choices as they are both time-consuming.

Your taste is also another factor that you should take into consideration. It is a little bit disappointing when you have to dress your car with something you do not find comfortable with. It will affect your mood every time you set foot in your driving space.

Best car seat covers must meet your expectations and fit your seats but they do not necessarily need to be designed with colors that you want. They only need to make you feel comfortable when you look at them.

And now let’s move on to the part that we have all been waiting for. It is time to find out what car seat covers make it to the list of the best in 2021.

Best car seat covers in 2021

As usual, we have made a list which you can see as a reference source when you are planning to buy products that you are interested in. In this case, it is the list of best car seat covers in 2021. However, there is a small difference.

Normally, you will find pieces of information about the best overall products. But this time, we are going to review the best covers that meet specific purposes as we have stated in the above section. Best covers are usually the ones that meet your expectations the best.

  1. Best overall: Gorla Premium Universal Fit Car Seat Cover

Gorla Gear Black Premium Universal Fit Waterproof Stain Resistant Car Seat Cover

  • WILL NOT STAIN YOUR CAR SEATS LIKE CHEAPER CAR SEAT COVERS: Our neoprene material offers a Universal fit and 100% waterproof / sweat proof protection 
  • No-Slip Backing: Unique, ANTI SLIP backing eliminates slipping and bunching like cheap car seat covers. 
  • Bonus Seat Belt Protector Velcro Fastener Included: Yours FREE with purchase! 
  • 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee: We want you to be thrilled with your purchase! 

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The first cover on our list is the best overall car seat cover: the Gorla Premium Universal Fit one. The reason why the Gorla Premium product is our pick of best car seat cover in the market is this product is of supreme quality and it shows great care of the manufacturer toward their customers.

This product is made from neoprene so there is no chance even the slimmest one that your car seats will be damaged by water or liquids when they are dressed in Gorla cover. And you can also rest assured that your skin will not stick to this product no matter how much you sweat thanks to this amazing material.

Not only that, this product also offers you an effective protection against pet fur, dander, dust and grime. And to make sure that this product provides customers with the best look and durability, the producer adds embossing and contoured fit features to this product.

To convince customers of the best quality, the Gorla producer even provides their buyers with a lifetime replacement term. This is not something that you can get from almost all companies in this world.

However, those things above are not the best things about this product. It is the anti-slip backing that makes this product stand out from the rest and earn this spot on our list. With the anti-slip backing feature, you will not experience any slipping or bunching while using this product.

The manufacturer is so thoughtful that they even equip the seat cover with an integrated strap and a seat belt protector to make sure that the cover will not slip away while your seat belts are protected from water and sweat.

And it would be a remiss if we did not mention its size option. Garla manufacturer has produced a wide range of covers that fit to cars, SUVs and even trucks so that a larger number of customers can use their products and enjoy excellent driving experiences.

Moreover, you can easily uninstall this car seat cover from your sitting area when you want to clean it or put it in stock. If you want to give it a wash, you can hand wash it or put it in the washing machine with gentle wash mode on.

But remember, no matter which way you choose, you should wash them with mild detergent to avoid damage. And if you feel like you want to put it away, you can fold it and tighten it with a strap to save space. Almost forgot, you can buy this product on Amazon at the price of $37. It is a reasonable price after everything it offers.

Pros Cons
It is a high-grade quality product

It offers different sizes for different types of vehicle

It is easy to install

It is equipped with a seat belt protector

It gives out a chemical smell when you first install it.

Best Overall: Gorla Premium Universal Fit Car Seat Cover at Amazon

2. Best budget: FH Group Universal Fit Bucket Seat Cover

FH Group Universal Fit Flat Cloth Pair Bucket Seat Cover

  • Includes 2 front bucket and 2 headrest covers
  • Universal application fits almost all seats ( Cars, Trucks, Vans, & SUV )
  • Materials are Made from Durable & Comfortable Breathable High Quality Fabric- Easy to Clean Machine washable, Air dry
  • Helps Protect a Nice Seat or Disguise an Old One
  • Your satisfaction is our utmost goal; every product and service we offer at FH Group is to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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The next cover that we would like to recommend to you is the cover from FH Group. If you are on a budget but you still want to buy a cover that makes every penny count, this product is on top of the best budget car seat covers. As you browse the Internet and do some research on the ecommerce website Amazon, you will find that this product is sold at $20, which is the cheapest one among most prevalent seat covers on this shopping page.

Best budget FH Group Universal Fit Bucket Seat Cover

This cover is open for sale with a large variety of colors and styles. As far as we are concerned, there are 13 following colors that you can choose from: black, beige and black, blue and black, green and black, gray and black, pink and black, orange and black, red and black, yellow and black, bow tie, mint, burgundy and black, and tie.

You can see that most of FH Group’s covers are painted with black as we all know that black is able to “conceal” stains and it makes your car interior look grand and luxurious. Unlike many seat covers in the market, this product is designed with two headrest covers apart from two from bucket covers.

So you can protect your seats on a wider scale than usual and make them look equally new. And since there is a “universal” word in their name as we have written above, you can expect this product to be usable for many types of vehicles. You can buy this product for your cars, your SUVs, your trucks and even for some vans.

Although FH Group’s cover is the optimum choice for car drivers who wish to find an affordable cover, it is still a high quality product.

It is made from durable, comfortable and breathable high grade polyester fabric with 3mm foam padding so not only will you not feel hot or sweaty on your back even when you are driving on hot days of summertime, but you can also wash it with the help of a washing machine.

And also thanks to its material, it can well operate with your heated seats. If your car is equipped with heated seats, you can still turn them on and enjoy their perfect performance without feeling qualms about your seat covers coming in the way because they do not.

In addition, this product is pretty easy to remove and install. With the concealed Velcro opening feature and adjustable straps, you can install and uninstall it without breaking a sweat.

The only problem that you may encounter when using this product is that it may give you a feeling of cheap materials. To some users, it does but we think that that is something you can anticipate when going for this product and it is acceptable compared to what it gives you.

Pros Cons
It is sold at an affordable price

It offers a wide range of colors and styles

It can be easily installed

It may give users a feeling of cheap materials

It may slide on seats made from leather


Best Budget: FH Group Universal Fit Bucket Seat Cover at Amazon

3. Best for toddlers: Lebogner Car Seat Protector and Backseat Organizer

Lebogner Car Seat Protector + Backseat Organizer with iPad and Tablet Holder, Durable Quality Seat Covers

  • ✓ Our Car Seat Liner and Protector is made out of durable material to a very high standard which gives The Car Seat Protector s super long life.
  • ✓ Our Under Car Seat Protector Mat is designed with super grip vinyl corners to prevent your baby’s forward or rear facing car seat from slipping.
  • ✓ Our Car Backseat Organizer measures 19″ wide x 27″ long perfect to cover the full seat to protect as a kick mat, and will have a snug fit without siding off your seat. 
  • ✓ Our Seat Back Protector and Organizer for kids installs Simple and Easy, Takes less than a minute with the long enough adjustable top and bottom buckle straps.

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The third cover that we would like to introduce to you is Lebogner cover, which is named as the king of best car seat covers for toddlers by a lot of customers.

Driving with your kids in your car is frustrating sometimes. They are quite naughty and they can cause damage to your car seats while they throw a small party in your car with food and drinks. Now if you have this cover in your hand, you do not have to worry about that anymore.

Made from durable, waterproof and high standard polyester, you can expect a long lifespan from this product as well as a great protection for your backseat from spills and wear and tear. Not only that, they are very easy to clean so if your kids accidentally stain your seat covers, it is not a big deal.

Best for toddlers Lebogner Car Seat Protector and Backseat Organizer

In addition, this product is designed with super grip vinyl corners to keep your kids safe in case your kids’ forward or rear facing car seat slips. This is the first reason why we have said that this is the best choice of car seat covers for car drivers who have little babies.

The second reason is that this product is equipped with an incredibly adjustable strap which makes the installation a super easy job and the anti-slip backing feature which helps to prevent the cover from sliding on your original leather or cloth seat.

Thanks to the anti-slip characteristics, your babies are safer when you put them on a drive with you. And the third as well as the last reason why car drivers with toddlers should go for this product is that it is designed with a back seat organizer.

With 5 organizer pockets on the front, you can keep a lot of your babies’ stuff there like drinks, food and even toys. This so-called kick matt is also equipped with an under seat pocket where you can keep other necessary things for your kids.

And if you want to entertain your kids sitting on the backseat during the journey, you can take advantage of the tablet holder pocket. You can place your tablet on the cover and your kids can enjoy their favorite channels in a comfortable way.

On Amazon, you can purchase this product at the price of $35. It is pretty higher than most seat covers but it serves your kids well.

Pros Cons
It is easy to install

It has anti-slip backing and super grip corners

It can hold a lot of stuff such as food, drinks, toys and even a tablet

It is easy to clean

It is pretty costly


Best for Toddlers: lebogner Car Seat Protector + Backseat Organizer at Amazon

4. Best for baby: Brica Elite Seat Guardian

Munchkin Brica Elite Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

  • The product measures 45 inch length x 20 inch width.
  • Color safe construction won’t bleed onto upholstery
  • Dual grip traction technology grips on both sides to help minimize unwanted car safety seat movement
  • Rear facing kick mat provides complete seat back coverage. Vinyl material
  • Unique one piece design is compatible with all car seats
  • Easy clean grime guard fabric protects your car

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If you are looking for a seat cover that helps you to deal with your baby’s mess on your car and your baby is not a toddler anymore, then you can have a look at Brica Elite. We see this as the best of the best car seat covers for babies.

The highly rated cover on Amazon could be considered as a multifunctional car seat cover as apart from your car seats, it can be installed to your stroller. So when you go out for a walk with your baby, you do not have to worry about the stains or dirt sticking to your baby’s carrier.

As a car seat cover, the Munchkin product is a good protector for your baby. Designed with the dual grip traction technology, this product is able to grip on both sides of the sitting area, which helps to keep your seat movement at a minimum level and prevent it from slipping away so that your baby can enjoy a safe drive.

Speaking of protecting your car seats from stains your baby may make, this product is made from grime-guard fabric so you will not have to trouble your mind with the idea that your seats will suffer from scratches and spills. But that is not everything about this product.

The Brica Elite cover is also designed with a kick mat which is long enough to cover the under part of your seat. As a result, you do not have to worry about stains or dirt sticking on the surface of your seat’s unseen part when your baby kicks his or her feet.

You may think that this feature is not necessary but we think that it is as sometimes there might be something unpleasant clinging to your baby’s shoes.

Like the above mentioned car seat covers, this product is compatible with all types of car seats so you can have this product for your car, your SUV and even your truck.

It is a difficulty-free to install seat cover too. With an adjustable strap, all you have to do is to put this strap behind your car’s headrest and off you go.

One more satisfactory feature of this product is that it is built with the color-safe construction. Therefore, this cover will not bleed onto your original seat, keeping it integral and good-looking.

And you can also purchase this product on Amazon. It is available at the price of $34, which is a little bit high compared to the average cost.

Pros Cons
It is easy to install

It can be used for stroller besides car seats

It will not bleed onto your car seat

It enhances you baby’s safety with the dual grip traction technology

It is pretty expensive

It is not good for seats made from leather


Best for Baby: Brica Elite Seat Guardian at Amazon

5. Best for dogs: YESYEES Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover

YesYees Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers Bench Seat Cover

  • DOG CAR SEAT COVERS WITH SIDE FLAPS – 56″ Width x 49″ Length.It can easily fit in backseats of most standard vehicles.
  • MIDDLE SEAT BELT COMPATIBLE – 1 long velcro opening for middle seat belt and 2 side seat belts. 
  • NONSLIP & WATERPROOF – Waterproof pet seat cover. 
  • EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN – Easy to install with buckle straps. Snap them around back headrests and tuck in seat anchors. Secure side elastic straps around seat corners. 

Check Price Now
Dogs are favorite pets to many people including car drivers as they are smart and loyal. To many vehicle rides, dogs are also buddies and great companions so they usually bring them along when they go out on a vacation or just a change of air on their cars.

However, it is expected that your dogs may cause some damage to your car seats as they get excited. In such cases, you will need a seat cover to protect your car. And our two cents are the best car seat cover for dogs you can probably find is the YESYEES one.

The YESYEES car seat cover is available on Amazon in black at the price of $36. We know, it is pretty high but let’s stay tuned and find out for yourself whether this product is worth that much or not. As this cover is specially designed for car drivers who have a dog companion, it is different in terms of shape from other covers.

It is much longer and it seems like it is designed for your car’s backseat only. In fact, it is usable for your car’s front seats too. With 2 zippers, one for armrest and one for middle seat belt, you can lower the middle part of the cover until it fits your front seats or use it as a cover used for three passengers.

In addition, this product is very easy to install without the help of any special tool. All you have to do is to snap the buckle straps around the back of your seat’s headrests and keep them steady with the seat anchors.

Now let’s talk about why the YESYEES cover is a perfect choice for dog car seat cover.

This product is a quilted type which gives a 100 percent waterproof performance. Therefore, your mind can rest in peace that spilling is not a problem and you can easily wipe the liquid away.

Moreover, this product is equipped with side flaps and tear-resistant material so you can protect your car seats from being scratched with your pet’s claws. And together with corner elastic straps and anchors, the non-slip mesh cover can secure your dog’s safety when you accelerate your speed or have to hit the brakes unexpectedly.

Pros Cons
It is large which makes it possible for big dogs or three passengers to use

It is perfectly waterproof and tear-resistant

It does not slip once installed

It is easy to clean with a moistened cloth or vacuum and it can be washed in a washing machine with gentle cycle mode on

The price is a bit high

Some customers claim that the zip opening where the armrest can be put down is pretty big


Best for Dog: YESYEES Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover at Amazon

6. Best heated: Sojoy Universal 12V Car Seat Heater

Sojoy Universal Four Seasons Full Set of Car Seat Cover

  • Ultra-breathable microfiber material designed to protect your car seat from sweat and dirt after your workouts. 
  • The universal, form-fit design easily attaches to your seat with simple snap buttons and stays in place with the latest silicon-bead, non-slip bottom, as seen on best-selling Yoga towels.
  • The IsoTowel absorbs your sweat while keeping you cool! 
  • This unique product design is proudly backed by the Sojoy brand. The IsoTowel is machine-washable and unlike other seat protectors, the IsoTowel won’t smell, heat up from the sun, peel, crack or leave dirty on your leather seats.
  • Machine-washable to last for a long time. Wash in cold to warm water and hang to dry for best results.

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Do you know that a car seat cover can be a seat heater? Yes, you have heard it right, you can buy a cover which is equipped with the heating function for your car seat.

Now, you do not have to worry that you will have to sit on a cold seat in crispy mornings in winter even when your car seats are not the heated type. And of all the seat heaters available on the market, you can see the Sojoy one as on top of the best heated car seat covers.

The Sojoy cover is a pretty quick heating cover. It only needs 3 minutes to warm up and it can increase the temperature of your sitting area up to 120 degrees F within 45 minutes. We think that this speed is rather high for a car seat cover.

Not only that, you can choose which heat level that suits you the most as this product is equipped with a 3-level heating mode: low, medium and high. How about hot days in summer?

Do not fret. This product is made from soft and breathable polyester fabric so you can feel comfortable and cool during hot summer time while driving.

To enhance the comfort and excellent performance, the Sojoy car seat cover is also equipped with the non-slippery surface and an elastic hook fastener to keep the cover stay put on your seat and not slip away. What is more exciting is that it can fit most cars.

However there is a problem with this product. Although it is universal fit to most cars, it can only be compatible with DC 12 vehicles so if your vehicle is a truck this product is not the one for you.

But if you love this product and want to buy it for your truck, you can still use it but you will need to buy a cigarette lighter which enables you to change your vehicle’s electricity into the 12V one.

In this case, you need to check if the Sojoy product is fitted to your sitting area first before spending your money on purchasing.

Pros Cons
It can heat up your sitting area in a few minutes

It is comfortable to use even when summer comes

It does not slip on your original seat

It is only available for DC 12 vehicles

You can feel the main wire when sitting upon it


Best Heated: Sojoy Universal 12V Car Seat Heater at Amazon

7. Best design: IVICY Car Seat Cover Protector Cushion

IVICY Car Seat Cover, Car Seat Protector – Universal Covers

  • COVER YOUR SEATS WITH LUXURY Universal car seat cover is made from soft & breathable suede fabric.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT Suitable for most vehicles, Vans, jeep, SUVs, Trucks, CRV. 
  • INSTALLATION & NON-SLIP BACKING Our seat covers installed is easy. 
  • FOR ALL SEASONS Car seat protectors is not only soft and tempting to the touch, but are also comfortable for you & your passengers. 
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE All seat protector under car seat comes with a 30-days MONEY BACK

Check Price Now
As a buyer, you always want to purchase not only a high quality product but also a good-looking one. And it feels like there is no exception for car seat covers. If you want to give your seat a beautiful new look and a protective layer at the same time, IVICY cover is the best design car seat cover that you can put your faith in.

As for the protection aspect, it is able to guard your car seat against pets, spills and dirt.

It can even be used for physical training purposes like yoga or gym without ruining its excellent protection function. As for the aesthetics aspect, the IVICY car seat cover is made from soft and breathable suede fabric so you can rest assured that it is considerably good-looking and comfortable to use.

Not only that, this product is available in six colors so you are open to quite a lot of options and you can customize your own car interior with the color that you want.

Apart from the protection and aesthetics aspects, this product is incredibly easy to install. All you have to do is to adjust this cover to your sitting area and make sure that it stays in place.

The whole installation process just takes places in seconds. Moreover, it is equipped with the anti-slip backing feature like some above car seat covers so you do not have to worry that it may slip away while you are driving. And to enhance the durability of the product, the manufacturer has added two layers to this product.

The upper layer gives you a feeling like it is made from suede while the down layer gives you a feeling of comfort and durability.

To convince the customers of the high quality characteristic of the product, IVICY producer is willing to provide their buyers with a 30-day money back and 1-year warranty term if they find that this product is made from defective materials. However, that is not everything great about this product.

Not only is it ok for machine wash and air dry, it is available for many different kinds of vehicles, from cars, SUVs to trucks, jeep and vans.

Pros Cons
It is universal fit

It has non-slip backing and it is easy to install and reuse

It has a really great design

It is comfortable to use on cold and hot days

It does not cover the whole car seat

Some customers say that the bottom hook does not stay strapped under the seat


Best Design: IVICY Car Seat Cover Protector Cushion at Amazon

8. Best Luxury: EDEALYN PU Leather Car Seat Protection Cover

EDEALYN Ultra-Luxury PU Leather Car Seat Protection Cover Car Seat Cover

  • It fits the seat of most midsize and compact vehicles. Most likely it doesn’t fit the seat of Truck, super size sedan ,super size SUV
  • This seat cover protects your seat, it protects against seat wearing, indentations, scratches.
  • Small Pocket with individuation ,Easily and fast get your stuff from front pocket, such as mobile phone and wallet etc.
  • Size: W 20.5 ” ×D 21 ”((Note: measuring your car seat size to ensure it is fit, thank you!)),
  • Material: PU leather , Quantity: 1 Seat cover; Thickness: 0.2 inches(It’s just a seat cover can’t add extra height.)

Check Price Now
The last seat cover that we would like to present to you is the EDEALYN one which is our pick for the chart topper of best luxury car seat covers.

It is not overrated to say that this cover looks luxurious in every inch. Made from PU leather, this product can give viewers a feeling of a luxurious product right from the first glance. In addition, you are open to 13 different color choices so you are likely to not only get a luxurious car seat cover but also a cover painted in the color that you like most.

Best Luxury EDEALYN PU Leather Car Seat Protection Cover

Not just favored by its look, this product can give a brilliant performance in fighting against wear, indentations and scratches. It could be said that this one is a combination of grandeur and basic features. In addition, this product is equipped with a unique feature that rarely does any car seat cover have.

It has a small front pocket installed to it so you can keep your personal stuff like phone, keys or wallet there and quickly get them when you want. One more unique characteristic of this product is its shape. It does not look like a normal seat cover but it is more like a cushion.

So as you can guess, when you go for this product you can only cover your seat bottom, not including the back or the whole seat like other seat covers. It could be a setback as your back area could be stained but you can have a super cool and swanky cover in your car. If you like, you can cover your car’s three backseats with this luxurious-looking product.

And as a final word about this product, you can place an order for this product on Amazon at the price of $26. We think that it is a medium price and not bad for a PU leather car seat cover.

Pros Cons
It is a luxurious-looking product

It effectively fights against tear, indentations and scratches

It is designed with a small front pocket for personal purpose

It does not suitable for trucks, super-size sedans and SUVs

It is a man-made leather car seat cover


Best Luxury: EDEALYN PU Leather Car Seat Protection Cover at Amazon

Author’s view

That is the end of our article. We really hope that this writing could give you a helping hand when you are planning to buy covers for your car seats. Our pick for best car seat covers is based on purpose-fitting characteristics so we can not say which one is the best.

The final advice that we could give you is that you need to find out what you are buying covers for your car seats for so that you can choose ones that meet your requirements the best and worth your time and money.


How much do seat covers cost?

Like any question about the cost of a product, the answer to this question varies mainly according to the quality of the materials from which seat covers are made. We have done some research and here is what we have found. Normally, you will have to spend from $25 to $250 to buy seat covers. For more luxurious covers, you may have to pay $500 or even $1,000 to have seat covers available in your car.

Is a seat cover good if I have a pet?

Yes. It is totally fine. Manufacturers also produce covers specially made for pets. They are resistant to scratches, spills or stains so you can completely rest assured that you can bring your pet with you on your amazing journeys.

Are seat covers tacky?

It depends. If you have bought car seat covers of poor quality, then you may find them tacky when using so the answer to this question would be a big yes. However if you have bought car seat covers of good quality and they are featured with the anti-tacky characteristic, then the answer would be a big positive no.

Can I install car seat covers myself?

Yes, you can. To serve the customers the best, car seat cover manufacturers have designed their product as simple and easy to install as possible. So you can completely install car seat covers by yourself without needing a mechanic and also without breaking a sweat.

Are car seat covers machine washable?

Yes, they are but there are notes that you should take so that your covers will not be damaged during the machine wash process. The first thing you should keep in mind is that you should treat the stains on your car seat covers with the laundry enzyme washing powder in advance.

The second thing as well as the last thing you should remember is that when you put your covers in the washing machine, you should choose the gentle cycle mode so that they will not be torn when the washing job is finished.


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