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Best Signal Blocker Box For Car Key 2021 ( Top 5 Signal Blocker Box )

 Car theft is now a rising concern as we are living in the age of high technology.

Car thieves are coming up with more sophisticated tricks to steal your car even if you carefully put your car under lock and key and one of them is to use the keyless car signal to unlock your car and drive away.

Is there any solution to this problem?

 Yes, there is one tool you can use to prevent thieves from using this high tech method to get away with your car.

This tool is called the car key signal blocker box.

In this comprehensive article, we will walk you through some of the highly rated boxes which help you guard your car against car theft.

Let’s stay tuned and find out.

What is the car key signal blocker box?

 Before getting to the main part, there are some basic pieces of information that you should know about this product and the first one is its definition.

What is the car key signal blocker box? In fact, it’s literally a box.

However it’s not a common box, it’s specially designed, which allows it to block signals from reaching out to thieves such as Bluetooth, Wifi or Keyfob.

The birth father of this product is the English chemist and physicist Michael Faraday.

That’s why this product is also called the Faraday box for car keys.

The way you can benefit from this product is simple.

All you have to do is to put your car key inside the box and then close the box. After that your car is impossible to be invaded via signals.

What are the highly rated car key signal blocker boxes?

We are living in the age of e-commerce so you can easily purchase one signal blocker box for your own on some trustworthy e-commerce pages like Amazon. We have done some research on Amazon and made a list of 5 Faraday boxes that are highly rated. Let’s have a look.

+ Briidea Faraday box

The first highly rated car key signal blocker box that we would like to introduce is one from Briidea brand.

This 10.4 – ounce box is able to block the Radio Frequency Identification signal (RFID), Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS and key fob  so you can feel completely secure when purchasing this excellent car key bodyguard.

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Not only the core of the box, you may also fall in love with its appearance.

The box is made of luxurious Russian solid wood and fabrics of military-quality for the inner layer while the outer layer is wearable and non-slippery thanks to the distinct-quality PU leather.

So it could serve as a flashy accessory to dress up your car.

Moreover, although it is designed to keep your car key safe from thieves, you can put many other valuable things in this box.

With the dimension of 5.43” x 4.25” x 2.75”, this signal blocking box can be roomy enough to contain 4-8 keys including the house key or spare key.

Some people even keep their credit cards inside this box.

However, those features above are not the unique selling points of this product.

It’s the flannel lining that makes this safety box stand out among legions of Faraday boxes.

Thanks to the same color flannel lining, your box stands the slim chance of being stained while being used.

And as a result, your box can maintain its brand new look for quite a long period of time.

+ Todoxi Faraday box (rectangular parallelepiped one)

The second box that we would like to present to you is the Todoxi Faraday box.

Although this box is a little bit smaller than the one mentioned above, just spacious enough for 4-5 keys to be put into, you can still keep your house key in here.

However there is one feature that the Todoxi box seems to take the better of the Briidea type is its ability to block different kinds of signals.

Besides GPS, key fob, RFID, Bluetooth, Wifi, the box from Todoxi brand can also block the satellite signal.

So you can say that this box is extremely protective and your car is guarded at the utmost level.

The 10.6-ounce box is also made of high-quality PU leather which makes it smooth touch, wearable and grand-looking at the same time.

Not only that, the inner fabric is made of excellent-quality double RF shielding cloth which can strengthen its ability of signal blocking.

So if you are looking for a car key signal blocker box of distinctive quality, this one is an option that you should not miss out on.

+ BENVWE Faraday box

If you are looking for a signal blocking box that provides you with a roomy space, this is an ideal one for you.

With the dimension of 6.69 x 4.72 x 3.66 inches, you can put not only your car key, your house key, but you can also put a cellphone or important cards in this box.

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About its function, this box can block even the phone signal besides 5 basic signals that thieves usually use to break into your car.

About the materials used to make this box, they are quite similar to ones used to make a Briidea box.

The 1.15-pound box is made of high-quality leather on the outside and on the inside it’s made of luxurious Russian solid wood and military-grade fabrics.

Besides, on the top of the box, there is the elastic foam which prevents the box from deformation when it collides with some objects.

And to make this Faraday box fly off the shelves, the manufacturer has added a unique feature in the middle of the box: the Faraday RFID shielding fabric.

This excellent idea not only provides the box with a thickened inner frame but also prevents things you keep inside from wearing out as the Faraday fabric is blocked from colliding with them.

This is a truly caring act of the BENVWE.

+ Diyife Faraday box

This is another roomy box.

When purchasing this box, it’s like you’re buying a purse which can keep your car key, your passport, your cellphone and credit cards at the same time.

So you can bring along this box without worrying about your car safety and about harassing calls and eavesdropping during a clandestine meeting.

Just like the BENVWE box, it can block the phone signal apart from 5 basic signals.

The external layer is also made of high-grade PU leather which makes it hard to wear and gives it the exquisite, beautiful and comfortable look.

So what is the selling point of this single color (black) box? It’s the interior.

The Diyife Faraday box’s inner layer is made of premium double shielding fiber which gives it the perfect ability to prevent thieves from copying the signal.

This is also the reason why we mentioned this box in this article.

+ Todoxi Faraday box (cylinder one)

Concluding the list of 5 highly rated car key signal blocker boxes is the cylinder-shaped Todoxi one.

This is the one that is different from 4 others by the term of shape.

This box is very compact and convenient to bring along.

Although it can only keep from 1 to 2 keys, it is not less appealing to buy than other boxes of the same ability.

With a metal body instead of a leather body, this box can be used for a very long period of time.

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Not only that this box is equipped with an anti-friction lining inside so you can prevent your kept car key from being scratched while you can still enjoy the excelling signal shielding quality of the box.

To make the box look cooler and more smooth-touching, the manufacturer even covers the metal box with a microfiber cover.

So you can see that this one is a combination of quality and appearance.

It still looks good while providing you with the ability to block 5 basic signals.

Author’s view

We hope that this article, which is about the car key signal blocker, is useful to you. It’s up to your taste and your intention when seeking for a Faraday box to say which one is the best for you. If you are seeking for a Faraday box which can store many things other than your car key, you can choose the box-shaped one but if you are looking for a Faraday box which is compact and easy to carry, then the prism-shaped Todoxi one is worth considering.


Do signal blocking boxes work?

Yes, they do if you have purchased the Faraday boxes of good quality and from prestigious brands. But the answer would be no if you have bought the Faraday boxes of poor quality and from unknown brands.

Will any metal box block the car key signal?

Yes. The convincing proof is the cylinder-shaped Todoxi Faraday box that we have recommended above.

Does wrapping your car key in tin foil really prevent theft?

In fact, tin foil can prevent theft to some extent. It has been acknowledged that tin foil has the ability to dampen your key fob’s signal so that it’s hard for thieves to steal your car. However, tin foil can’t give you the perfect protection as it lacks of density so there are many cases that your car is still stolen when using tin foil to wrap your car key.

How do you know if a Faraday box is working?

The simplest way to testify the signal blocking ability of a Faraday box is to put your car key inside the box and then try opening your car’s door. If you succeed in opening your car’s door then the Faraday box isn’t working but if you fail to open your car’s door then it is performing well.

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