Top 8 best Dog Car Seat Covers

Dogs are loyal pets and they are considered to be one of the best friends of humans.

Dog owners usually want to spend time with their pets whenever they can.

They take their buddies out for a walk, for a run and even for a ride.

Those who have cars sometimes take their dogs with them when they go outside to enjoy relaxing moments.

However, it’s likely that active dogs may do something bad to their car seats and as a result their car seats will lose their fine look.

To avoid this case, many drivers have come to dog car seat covers as a solution.

Yet, some may find it hard to optimize their investment as there is a wide variety of covers in the market.

To help in this sticky situation, we have done some research and we have handpicked 8 best dog car seat covers.

And we are also going to provide you with some need-to-know information about covers used when you have a dog in your car. Let’s stay tuned and find out.

best dog car seat covers


Types of dog car seat covers

best dog car seat covers


First of all, we would like to talk about types of dog car seat covers. Based on the position where you want your dog to sit when you give him or her a car ride, covers are divided into 4 main categories.

The first one is back seat covers. This type is perfect for those who wish to have their canine bud at the back rather than at the front. This type of cover also comes in different choices such as bench seat covers, shorty models, extended models and even hammocks.

If you are looking for a cover that provides protection to the entire surface of your back seat, you can go for the bench option. But if you want to protect your entire back passenger compartment so your dog can fully enjoy the ride, the hammock is your best choice.

As for shorty covers, they are perfect for cars that are equipped with cup holders and armrests at the back seat. And extended covers are ideal for big cars like SUVs or trucks.

The second one is front seat covers. These are suitable for drivers who have small or medium-sized dogs as big dogs may make it hard for you to take a look at the side mirror when they sit on the front seat.

The third one is car door covers. This type is the one for those who have dogs having a thing for standing on car doors.

With this type of cover, you can either have your dog at the front seat or at the back seat.

If you want to put your dog in the back seat, you are open to another door-protecting option which is the hammock car door cover.

This type of car door cover has side flaps so you can effectively protect your car doors.

And the last one is cargo liner covers. This type of cover is extra non-sliding and waterproof so you can provide your dog with a more spacious playground.

Not only that, you can experience an easier cleaning process as this cover gives you a hand in collecting dust, hair and other messes.


Benefits that dog car seat covers offer

best dog car seat covers


In general, a dog car seat cover will help you protect your car’s interior when you travel with your dogs. However, it can offer more than that:

It helps to prevent stains and odors. It’s inevitable that your dog will cause some messes in your car sometimes no matter how well you train him or her. In this case, dog car seat covers come in as a true savior.

It ensures greater safety while driving. When you’re rolling on the road, you can’t foretell what will happen.

Sometimes, you may have to hit the brakes or gather speed and your pet companion may lose balance and suffer from injuries.

However, thanks to foam protection and non-slip backing that a dog car seat cover offers, you can keep your dog safe in such unexpected situations.

It helps to avoid expensive repair costs. In case your car’s upholstery is damaged by your dog, you may have to spend lots of money repairing or restoring it.

But with the use of a dog car seat cover, that will not happen as it provides great protection to your car’s upholstery while your dog still enjoys relaxing drives.

It provides better riding comfort for your pooch. Sitting on a seat that has been covered is much more free and relaxing than sitting in a crate. So not only do you benefit from this product but your dog also does.


Tips when buying a dog car seat cover


It would be a big mistake if we didn’t give you tips on how to choose the best dog car seat covers as it will take an enormous amount of time to find a cover that satisfies you the most among thousands of thousand products.


Tip number 1: Decide where you want to install the cover


The location of the cover you are going to buy is the first and foremost factor you need to look at if you want to buy a cover for your car seat when you travel with your dog. As we have mentioned above there are 4 types of covers based on the installation location.

Decide where you want your canine friend to sit before rolling up your sleeves on the research job and you will make the best use of the time.


Tip number 2: Measure your car seat.


The measure of your car seat is the next thing you need to consider when looking for dog car seat covers. In fact, although most car seat covers designed for dogs are available at universal size, they don’t fit every model or type of car. You will not want to waste your money on a cover that doesn’t provide protection to the entire seat where your dog sits as your seat can still be vulnerable. And you also don’t want to buy a cover that is bigger than your seat as it will make your interior look shabby.


Tip number 3: Choose a multi-layered cover with waterproof materials.


According to experts, a multi-layered and waterproof cover is the best choice when you want to make a smart investment. With a multi-layered cover, your car seat will be provided with strong and powerful protection from dust and stain.

Not only that, it will have a long lifespan. Combined with the waterproof characteristic, a many-layered cover will help you keep moisture far away from your car.


Tip number 4: Check the durability and maintenance.


If you don’t want to have to purchase dog car seat covers many times, you should check their durability carefully. A poor-quality cover will bring you nothing but a waste of time and money.

Besides, you also need to check how the cover is washed to make sure that you can use it for the longest time possible.


Tip number 5: Check the method of attachment and security.


There will be a time when you have to come to a stop or speed up unexpectedly. In this case, your pooch may get into trouble if the cover you have bought doesn’t have a proper installation.

Yes, you may keep your car’s interior safe from your lovely active friend but you can’t protect your buddy when such situations crop up.


The best dog car seat covers reviews – top 8 choices


Now, it’s time to find out the 8 best dog car seat covers that we recommend. We have carried out thorough research and here is the result.


  Knines Dog Seat Cover Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover F-color Cargo Liner Cover
Dimensions 15 x 12 x 3.5 inches 65 x 63 x 0.5 inches 64 x 60 x 0.1 inches 13.39 x 9.37 x 7.2 inches
Weight 3.75 pounds 3.8 pounds 2.2 pounds 4.78 pounds
ASIN/Item model number BXL PS-XLR-BL 4334738261 B082X7QJ2Q
Brand 4Knines Plush Paws Products BarksBar F-color
Price $89.99 $72.19 #31.99 $45.99
Best sellers rank #9,250 in Pet supplies

#60 in Dog car seat covers

#71 in Automotive seat covers

#18,473 in Pet supplies

#124 in Dog Car Seat Covers

#N #8,332 in Pet supplies

#53 in Dog car seat covers

Auto part position Bottom Front Rear Back


  PetEvo dog car door panel cover Flow.month front seat cover pet booster/bucket HAPYFOST pet front seat cover Active Pets dog seat cover for trucks
Dimensions 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches 17 x 17 x 23 inches 10.83 x 9.65 x 4.02 inches 10.24 x 8.27 x 5.12 inches
Weight 14.4 ounces 1.4 pounds 2.56 pounds 3.33 pounds
ASIN/Item model number B07XY8WPFX Pet front seat cove B07Z5YH3KR B07ZJYGRQ6
Brand PetEvo Flow.month HAPYFOST Active Pets
Price $37 $28.98 $24.99 $37.36
Best sellers rank #3,965 in Pet supplies

#24 in Dog car seat covers

#9,892 in Pet supplies

#70 in Dog car seat covers

#8,208 in Pet supplies

#51 in Dog car seat covers

#125 in Pet supplies

#1 in Dog car seat covers

Auto part position Rear Front Front Rear


Best overall


Normally, we would pick a product that we think is the best product of all.

But this time, we will make a small change.

In this section, we would like to introduce to you the top 3 best dog car seat covers overall as we find it hard to skip any of them and we also think that you will be open to more choices.


4Knines Dog Car Seat Cover

best dog car seat covers


Our chart-topper dog seat cover is the 4Knines hammock one. This cover undoubtedly provides you with the best protection to your dog in our opinion.

There are three factors that help this product win our hearts and tons of other customers: quality, durability and ease of use.

With the GSM rating over 190, this product is perfectly waterproof. Not only that, this dog seat cover grips firmly to your seat and it doesn’t bleed onto your seat so you can ensure that your dog will be safe when you come to a full stop all of a sudden.

Speaking of durability, this cover is rather unbeatable. When you want to clean this cover, you can use vacuums, hoses and washing machines without bearing a thought in mind that your cover will be damaged.

As for ease of use, you can install this product to your car without breaking a sweat or needing help from a professional.

In addition, the regular-sized rear seat cover can be used for most cars and SUVs while the extra-sized one is ideal for full-size trucks and huge SUVs.

About the price, the 4.7-star rated cover’s price varies by type and you can check it on Amazon. Specifically, the regular-sized one is sold at $59.99 and the extra-sized one is $30 more expensive.


Pros Cons
ü  It’s easy to set up and clean

ü  It’s perfectly waterproof and free of AZO dyes and heavy metals

ü  It’s equipped with non-slip backing

ü  It’s available in two sizes and three colors (black, gray and tan)

ü  It has UV-protected straps that won’t become brittle or fray

ü  It offer great comfort and protection

ü  It’s sold under a lifetime warranty term

ü  The manufacturer donates in animal advocating groups

û  It’s a bit costly

û  Some customers claim that the extra-sized is not wide enough

4Knines Dog Car Seat Cover at Amazon

Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover

best dog car seat covers


The runner-up of top 3 best dog car seat covers is the Plush Paws cover.

In general, this rear seat cover with hammock is quite the same as Knines one.

It also offers excellent waterproof characteristics, it has a non-slip backing, it’s fine with machine washing, its producer provides customers with a lifetime warranty and it’s made from quilted heavy-duty material free of dyes or chemicals.

However, it discomforts users with the installation process.

It’s equipped with two harnesses and seat belt adapters so the installation and uninstallation job will take quite an amount of time when you want to clean the cover.

This product is also rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Amazon website. And for the price, the extra-sized cover is currently sold at$72.19 while the regular-sized one is not available at the moment.


Pros Cons
ü  It’s made form heavy-duty waterproof material which is dye-free

ü  It’s equipped with non-slip silicone backing

ü  It’s durable and comfortable to use

ü  There are two sizes and two colors (black and tan)

ü  It’s machine-washable

ü  The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty

û  Some users found it hard to install

û  It’s quite expensive

û  It’s not equipped with UV protected straps

Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover at Amazon

BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

best dog car seat covers


Finishing in third place of best overall dog car seat covers is the luxury cover from Barks Bar.

Although there is a word “luxury” in its name, it’s not pricey. In fact the 4.6 star-rated cover is sold on Amazon at a reasonable price.

Specifically, the standard-sized cover is currently available at $26.99 and the extra-large-sized one is up for sale at $31.99.

This product is considered to be the best in its price range. It offers protection from water and there are no heavy metals or dyes in its composition.

Therefore, you can totally rest your mind at peace that your canine companion will stay healthy while your car seat is protected. Yet, there are some opinions saying that its fray straps and cover rip after several months of use.

But these are situations in which it is used very frequently.


Pros Cons
It’s easy to install

It’s machine- washable

It’s sold at an affordable price

It’s waterproof with triple-layered PU which is free of dyes and heavy metals

It’s available at two sizes

Some customers complained that it started to rip after several months

It’s equipped with straps which are not UV protected and tend to fray over time

It’s available at only one color black

BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover at Amazon

Other best dog car seat covers


Best Cargo Liner Cover: F-color

best dog car seat covers


The F-color cover is a perfect choice for you if you drive your dog around in a hatchback or SUV.

While protecting your car from your active dog effectively, this product is offered at a budget-friendly price which is $39.99 for the standard-sized cover and $45.99 for the large-sized cover. You don’t have to worry about the quality as the F-color is not a poor-quality one.

The 4.4-star rated cover is pretty durable. Not only that, it’s quilted and padded so your dog can enjoy comfortable drives every time you hit the road with him or her.

Moreover, it doesn’t slip around so you can keep your pet safe in your car when you roll on rocky paths or hit the brakes out of the blue.

The biggest drawback of this cover seems to be its cleaning flexibility.

You can easily clean this cover by hand but you can’t throw it in the washing machine as it will be damaged.

In addition, some customers claimed that it wasn’t 100% waterproof and that its velcro and suction cups didn’t work well either.


Pros Cons
ü  It’s made from durable materials

ü  It’s easy to install

ü  It’s equipped with non-slip backing

ü  It’s pretty affordable

û  It’s not machine washable

û  It’s not 100% waterproof

û  Some customers pointed out that the velcro and suction cups didn’t perform well

Best Cargo Liner Cover: F-color at Amazon

Best Dog Car Door Panel Cover: PetEvo

best dog car seat covers


If you are looking for best dog car seat covers that are suitable to install to the door panel of your car, then the PetEvo one is potentially the best you can find.

It’s made from anti-scratch and water-resistant material so you can give your buddy a good time standing up on the car door without worrying that he or she may leave some damage.

This cover comes in two pieces in a pack and you can easily install it to your car door. All you have to do is to insert the tabs between your window and car door panel and then install the velcro strips to keep it steady.

What’s more exciting is that you can still roll your windows up and down while the cover is still installed in your car. Therefore, you are free to enjoy the air while driving with a dog car seat protector.

This product is also quite popular on Amazon. It received 4.4 out of 5 stars on this shopping website and it’s currently sold at $37 for a 2-pack.

However, there is seemingly one problem with this cover. Some customers complained that the velcro wore out easily.


Pros Cons
ü  It’s suitable for most cars

ü  It’s machine washable and easy to install

ü  It’s made from durable anti-scratch and water-resistant material

ü  It’s pretty affordable

û  The velcro sometimes wears out quite easily

û  You may have to adjust it frequently

Best Dog Car Door Panel Cover: PetEvo at Amazon

Best Front Seat Cover Pet Booster/Bucket: Flow.month

best dog car seat covers


The potential leader of best front seat type dog car seat covers is the Flow.month cover.

This product is not just a protector to your seat when you travel with your dog but this cover is also a semi-enclosed kennel seat.

When you want to put your dog, especially a small one into the kennel, your dog is extra safe as the kennel seat is equipped with a seat belt.

Not only that, to take the safety characteristic to a whole new level, the manufacturer also added a non-slip rubber backing, a seat anchor and an adjustable strap to make sure that your dog will not be hurt even when your brakes are sharp.

What’s else? The water-resistant cover is also equipped with extra side flaps and as a result, you can provide your car with protection to a bigger area.

And if your dog doesn’t like to be enclosed, then you can detach the kennel seat. It’s just that it’s less safe.

And there are two main weaknesses of this product. The first one is that it’s not machine washable so you will have to wash it by hand after a time of use.

And the other one is that some customers said the zipper was not quite durable.

On Amazon, this 4.1 star-rated front seat cover is sold at $28.98 which is quite affordable.


Pros Cons
ü  It’s easy to install

ü  It’s equipped with detachable kennel seat for small dogs

ü  It has extra side flaps to protect a larger area

ü  It’s water-resistant

ü  It’s sold at a reasonable price

û  It can’t be cleaned with the washing machine

û  Some customers complained of the poor-quality zipper

û  It’s only available at black color

Best Front Seat Cover Pet Booster/Bucket: Flow.month at Amazon

Best Pet Front Seat Cover: HAPYFOST

best dog car seat covers


The HAPYFOST cover is a choice that you should have a look at when you are planning to put your dog in the front seat or bucket seat in your car.

This cover is made from heavy-duty polyester which is not only durable but also suitable for any dog regardless of size.

Not only that, the 4.8-star rated cover is pretty budget-friendly. You can have this cover at the price of $24.99 on Amazon.

In addition, this product is quite easy to install so you will not have to pay for a mechanic to do the installation job. With buckles for the headrest and backrest and seat anchors, the HAPYFOST cover can well protect your dog when you put him or her in your front seat.

However, that’s not everything great about this product. This cover has a unique feature that none of the above covers has.

It’s the front pocket. The manufacturer has added a small pocket in front of the cover so you can store and pick your dog’s things easily. We think that this is a thoughtful deed as sometimes your pet may ask for something in the middle of the drive.

Are there setbacks? Yes, there are. Some customers claimed that straps were short in lifespan. And there are also some users who said that they found it annoying as it wasn’t waterproof after all.


Pros Cons
ü  It’s easy to install

ü  It’s machine washable

ü  It’s suitable for any dog regardless of size

ü  It’s affordable

ü  It’s equipped with non-slip backing and seat anchors

ü  It’s waterproof

ü  It’s available at black and gray

û  Straps may not last for long

û  Some customers complained that it gave a bad performance at waterproofing

Best Pet Front Seat Cover: HAPYFOST at Amazon

Best Dog Seat Cover For Trucks: Active Pets

best dog car seat covers


You are driving a truck and you wish to take your pooch with you on a ride sometimes but you are afraid that your pet may ruin your truck interior’s fine look? Have a look at the Active Pets cover which is the best dog car seat cover for trucks.

This cover is available at a custom design so although it’s the best choice for trucks, drivers who own a SUV can still go for this cover as an ideal choice.

To ensure that your dog will be extra safe during the drive, the producer of this cover has provided this cover with four headrest anchors and two seat anchors along with a non-slip backing.

Moreover, this product is made from durable and waterproof materials so you don’t have to worry too much if your canine passenger is active.

Besides, this cover is also highly rated by Amazon customers as it has received 4.6 out of 5 stars by far on this famous shopping page. Another plus mark to this cover is that it’s sold at an inexpensive price, about $37.36.

If there is something disappointing about this product, it may be the anchor clips and cleaning option. Some customers said that the anchor clips were not durable. And you can’t clean this cover with the help of a washing machine as it will ruin it.


Pros Cons
ü  It’s available at black or black with a pink, orange or blue trim

ü  It’s easy to install

ü  Its price is not quite high

ü  It’s durable and waterproof

ü  It enhances your pet’s safety with a non-slip backing and four headrest anchors and two seat anchors

û  It’s not machine washable

û  Some users said that the anchor clips broke in a short amount of time

Best Dog Car Seat Cover For Trucks: Active Pets at Amazon


If you wondered which our favorite cover is, we would go with the Knines option. Not only is it equipped with UV-protected straps but it also offers many cleaning options, which not every dog car seat cover can do.

Although the price may be its biggest drawback, we think that it’s worth the money.


Precautions to take before your dog jumps in


Even the best dog car seat covers have their own lifespans.

You can’t expect them to last forever but you can do something to make them long-lasting. Here are some precautions you should take before letting your dog sit in your car so that the cover can serve you in a long period of time

+ Use the paw cleaner or paw wipes to clean mud off your dog’s paws

best dog car seat covers

+ Use a super absorbent towel to dry your dog in case he or she gets wet

+ Reduce the wet smell emitting from your dog to the lowest level with a spray-on odor remover

best dog car seat covers

+ Reinforce your floorboards with floor liners


Other items you should have when driving with your dog


Although your car is well protected when it’s equipped with one of the best dog car seat covers, you still need to carry other items to make sure that your dog and you both have wonderful times together.

The first item you should bring along other than a seat cover is a dog water bottle dispenser. If you are up for a long trip, you will need refreshments to keep yourself energetic and conscious and so will your pooch.

However, there is no container in your car to store your dog’s refreshment so a water dispenser is a good choice to fill in.

The next item you should bring with you is a dog seat belt. Although a seat belt doesn’t provide the best safety to your dog, it’s enough to protect your dog from some unexpected events occurring on the road.

A dog car harness is the next item that you may not want to skip. Dogs, especially active ones, can jump or walk around your car while you are driving. This is extremely dangerous as you are distracted and not focused on the road. To avoid these cases, a harness comes in as a life savior.

And the final item you may want to pack is a dog towel. It may not be as important as things above but just in case your dog gets wet, you will have something to dry him or her so that he or she will not get sick.




That’s the end of your article. We really hope that we can provide you with a little help in choosing the best dog car seat covers.

As a final remark, we would like to say that it doesn’t matter if you find that our recommendations are not quite suitable for you as we have made that list based on our own perspectives and experiences.

You can easily find the right one for you if you follow the guidance we have mentioned above. We wish you the best of luck.

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Top 5 best car seat cushions in 2021

Driving a car has been the most popular mode of transport in the United States for a long time.

People use cars when they commute to work, when they go on a vacation or when they just go out to enjoy the night.

What does that mean? It means that it’s an enormous amount of time that car owners spend with their cars.

For this reason, comfort should be greatly paid attention to as if you drive without feeling at ease for a long time, you may end up suffering from back pains, neck stiffness and even hesitation to use your buddy.

In this case, folks usually come to car accessories that offer driving comfort as a solution and car seat cushions are one of favorite choices.

However, like other accessories specially designed for cars, this product is available in the market in a wide variety of choices so you may find it rather confusing about which to spend your money on.

Therefore, this time we will take the honor of presenting to you 5 best car seat cushions and providing you some need-to-know information about cushions for cars so that you can choose the best one for you.

best car seat cushions


Benefits of using a car seat cushion

best car seat cushions


Let’s begin with figuring out what benefits you will get out of using a car seat cushion.

The first benefit that you will get is that you will be able to avoid hurting your back. Car seat cushions of high quality are designed to support your spine so that you will experience comfortable drives.

The second benefit is that a car seat cushion offers protection to your seat. This product is a little bit like a car seat cover that protects your original seat from wear and tear.

So not only do you have driving comfort but you can also keep your seat clean and new.

The third benefit you can see is that your visibility will be increased. When you take a seat upon the cushion, you will be a little bit higher so you can have a clearer and broader vision while driving.

As a result, you may be able to avoid accidents when you experience a bad blind spot.

The last benefit that you can exploit from cushions made for car seats is that you can avoid sitting on hot seats during summertime or cold seats in cold weather.

You can bring this pad along with you so if your car seat gets heated or cooled by the weather, it will not be a problem to you as you sit on a pad which is not left inside your car.


Types of car seat cushions

best car seat cushions


Although there are legions of seat cushions available in the market, they are classified into 2 two groups.

The first one is car seat covers. This is the most common form of seat cushions.

When you have this product available in your car, it means that you have a cushion which supports your back and reduces pain as well as a seat cover which protects your seat from wear, tear, stain or something along those lines.

This type of car seat cushion is usually sold in sets so it seems rather inappropriate if you wish to buy a single pad.

The other type is stand-alone seat cushions. These products are not like seat covers, they are generally like pillows which mainly focus on reducing the pain of the lower back part.

Stand-alone seat cushions are usually made from memory foam or other materials like cotton to make sure that they are soft and comfortable to use especially for long drives. Although they are not as protective as the car seat cover type, they are available in different models to fit in different situations.

For example, you can choose a stand-alone seat cushion which is featured with the massage function or you can go for one which is an expert at spinal support.

So if you are doing some research on best car seat cushions, make sure that you know which type you are looking for.


Price range of car seat cushions


The price is always one of the key factors when you are planning to buy a product and there is no exception to seat cushions as not everyone is rolling in money. So, let’s have a look at the price range of car seat cushions before finding out our thorough picks of best car seat cushions.

In general, the car seat cushion’s price falls into 3 following groups.

+ $10-40: Seat cushions which cost from $10 to $40 are usually made from foam and cotton. They are affordable to everyone but it doesn’t mean that they are unusable.

In fact, they are quite comfortable and long-lasting. And you may notice that cushions in this category usually have similar designs.

+ $40-70: Products in this group are usually designed to serve the health purpose. It means that you are not only open to comfortable driving experiences but you also experience healthy drives.

One more appealing feature of cushions in this group is that they have mainstream designs as they are manufactured by famous health companies.

+ $70-100: If you are quite wallowing in money, you may want to take cushions in this group into consideration. These products are equipped with some sort of advanced additional features.

They are usually designed with electronic functions like pulsating massage so that you could expect your driving experiences to be the best.


Best car seat cushions


Now, it’s time for the main part of this article. It’s time we present to you our picks for best cushions for car seats.

However, this time it would be a little bit different from previous comprehensive guides as we are adding a table right from the beginning of this section so that you can have an overview of products we are going to recommend and have some temporary choices in the first place.

  Purple Portable Seat Cushion Dreamer Car Lumbar Support Cushion CONFORMAX Gel Car Cushion Combo Set Everlasting Comfort Wedge Car Cushion Comfilife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion
Brand Purple Dreamer Car CONFORMAX Everlasting Comfort Comfilife
Item weight 0.9 pounds 2.14 pounds 10 pounds 1.5 pounds 1.45 pounds
Product dimensions 13 x 15 x 1 inches 20.9 x 5.9 x 16.5 inches 20 x 18 x 4 inches 17 x 13 x 3 inches 17.6 x 13.8 x 2.75 inches
Item model number PSC-PTB-01 SYNCHKG099419 CAAGCSCOMBO B075DRS4C9 B014F18ZGU
Best sellers rank #1,093 in Kitchen and dining

#3 in Chair pads

#540 in Automotive

#5 in Automotive seat cushions

#177,710 in Automotive

#181 in Automotive seat cushions

#356 in Automotive

#4 in Automotive seat cushions

#219 in office products

#2 in automotive seat cushions

#3 in back cushions and seat cushions

Price $39 $32 $188 $30 From $28

Best Overall: Purple Portable Seat Cushion

best car seat cushions


Our first pick is the cushion from Purple. This product, in our opinion, is the best of all seat cushions available in the market right now.

Just like its name, this cushion is colored in purple and it’s portable so you can use it not only in your car but also in your house or office.

This product is made from a unique 1-inch tall polymer grid so you can add support to your seat without adding too much height which is sometimes hard for you to hit the brake or gas.

As this cushion is grid-shaped, air is free to circulate so your seating area is usually kept at a cool temperature. As a result, you will not feel sweaty underneath even if you are going on a long drive.

In addition, with the aid of the hyperplastic polymer structure, this cushion can support your back without making your hips suffer from too much resistance like some cushions do.

And also thanks to this structure, your cushion will not get compressed even when you use it for a long period of time.

Besides offering more comfort and longer durability than memory foam cushions, the Purple portable seat cushion doesn’t slip and slide much.

Therefore, you can rest assured that when using this product you don’t have to worry about your cushion keeping sliding away when you want to change the sitting position or your car rolls on rocky terrains.

However, there have been some comments that the Purple cushion is not suitable for heavy-weight people as it’s too small. In this case, you can go for a larger and thicker option as the manufacturer also offers bigger cushions.

You can easily find this product on Amazon. The 4.3-star rated product is currently sold at $39, which is quite affordable for a lot of customers.

Pros Cons
ü  It’s pretty affordable

ü  It doesn’t slip and slide while being used

ü  It’s easy to clean with soap and water

ü  It supports your back without adding too much resistance to your hips

ü  It provides you with a cool seat

û  It’s quite small for some customers

û  It doesn’t smell good to some customers

Best Overall: Purple Portable Seat Cushion

Best Lumbar: Dreamer Car Lumbar Support Cushion

best car seat cushions


If you are looking for best car seat cushions which are put behind your back, then you may find the Dreamer car lumbar support cushion rises as the top choice. This cushion is quite adjustable and it can be used to support your spine and promote proper alignment.

The 4.4-star rated product on Amazon is available in three colors: black, gray and blue and it is currently sold at $32 for the highest price.

This lumbar cushion is made from memory foam with a softcover so comfort when using is surely guaranteed as the pressure on your back is reduced.

Not only that, with two adjustable straps you can experience a non-slip cushion which can support the higher or lower part of your back as it can be raised or lowered.

In addition, the product is put under a 1-year guarantee so you can rest assured that this product is a high-quality cushion.

However, there is a problem with this cushion. It’s about its cover. The cover can’t be removed so when it comes to the cleaning option, washing is not an ideal choice.

In this case, you may consider using a vacuum or a moistened clean cloth to remove stains.

Pros Cons
ü  It’s quite affordable

ü  It can be used in car, office or home

ü  It’s equipped with two adjustable straps

ü  It’s made of fast rebound and supportive memory foam

û  Its cover isn’t removable

û  You may find your back sweaty if you use this for a long and continuous time.

Best Lumbar: Dreamer Car Lumbar Support Cushion

Best Full-seat Cushion: CONFORMAX Gel Car Cushion Combo Set

best car seat cushions


The next cushion that we pick as one of the best car seat cushions is the Conformax gel cushion.

Unlike the two above products, this cushion covers your entire car seat, which means that it’s like you are buying a seat cover, not just a cushion.

This product consists of a seat cushion and a lumbar cushion so it’s super convenient in case you wish to use a cushion to sit upon and spare the other cushion for your companion for lumbar support.

But if you don’t, it’s still okay as you have a double supporter for both your seat and your entire back. This product is a foam cushion but at a higher level.

It is additionally equipped with the breathable feature, making you feel cooler when you are on a long drive compared to most foam cushions.

This product is also a durable cushion. It can be used for a long period of time, up to several years without being much compressed.

Not only that, this product will do just fine with hand washing and air drying so you can easily get rid of stains on this product. But that’s not everything great about this product.

As a seat cover type, this cushion can protect your original seat from water spill so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally stain your seat with liquids.

The 4.4-star rated cushion is sold at $188 on Amazon for the full set.

The price is quite high but you can expect it to be a high-grade quality product.

The problems that this America-originated cushion is facing seem to be the lumbar part.

Some customers claim that the lumbar cushion should be improved for greater comfort and better vehicle fit.

Pros Cons
ü  It’s more breathable than other foam cushions during summertime or long drives

ü  It’s waterproof

ü  It’s easy to clean

ü  It offers both seat and lumbar support

û  It’s sold at a high price

û  The lumbar cushion is quite short


Best Full-seat cushion: CONFORMAX Gel Car Cushion Combo Set

Best Budget: Everlasting Comfort Wedge Car Cushion

best car seat cushions


If you are looking for best car seat cushions but the price is simultaneously stuck in your head, then the Everlasting comfort wedge car cushion may be the best choice for you.

The 4.3-star rated cushion is sold at $30 on Amazon which is affordable to anyone who wishes to have a cushion of best quality.

This product from Everlasting is extremely popular with car owners right now. It’s not just because of the price but also for its quality. This cushion is made of high-density memory foam which provides you with perfect support for your tailbone and your seat.

Not only that, with the wedge design, it can effectively reduce unwanted pressure and discomfort your tailbone has to suffer from so that you can have one of the best driving experiences when sitting upon it.

In addition, with 3 inches thick, it is able to offer short people with a far broader vision while driving.

Moreover, this cushion is also equipped with a carrying strap so you can easily bring this product along to have a comfortable seating area in your office, your home or even your plane. And the best is yet to come.

The cushion is designed with a non-slip bottom which grips your original seat so firmly that it won’t move even when you shift around.

However, there are some negative comments on this product. Some users complained that their car’s leather upholstery was stained by the non-stick rubber back.

So if your seat is made from leather and it’s in a bright color you may want to put this cushion upon something just in case it may stain your original seat.

Pros Cons
ü  It’s affordable

ü  It doesn’t slip or slide away

ü  It can effectively reduce pressure  on your tailbone

ü  It can be used in different places

û  It may stain your leather seat

û  You may have to consider adjust your seat if you are not a short person

Best Budget: Everlasting Comfort Wedge Car Cushion

Best Value: Comfilife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

best car seat cushions


Completing our top 5 best car seat cushions is the Comfilife gel enhanced seat cushion. This product is well received as one of the most comfortable cushions for car seats available in the market right now.

When using this product, you can feel the comfort and softness of a 100 percent memory foam cushion but not the heat if you drive for a long period of time as it is equipped with a gel layer keeping your seating area cool.

Not only that, it’s designed with a non-slip rubber bottom so you can enjoy your drive without being bothered by the movable pad.

A little bit similar in design with the above Everlasting cushion, the Comfilife cushion is able to offer car drivers orthopedic benefits.

It can greatly reduce back pain, relieve pressure on your tailbone and especially it can bring great comfort to pregnant women.

With the cut-out ergonomic design, it’s in a position to relieve sciatica concerning pregnancy so if you are expecting a child but you still have to frequently use your car, this cushion is perfect for you.

And this product is also easy to wash even with a machine as it’s covered in zippered and machine-washable velour. What’s more exciting is that you can exploit the benefits that this cushion offers in your home, office and plane too.

However, this product also has some setbacks. Some customers claim that this 4.4-star rated product may flatten out if it’s used frequently, normally after a year of use.

Besides, at first you may find that the cooling gel may make you feel uncomfortable to sit upon as it hardens the top layer. And it’s not a universal type so you may find that it’s not a perfect match for some contoured seats.

Pros Cons
ü  It can be used in many places

ü  It can offer you a cool seating area

ü  It reduces back pain, pressure on tailbone and pregnancy-related sciatica

ü  It is perfectly fine with the washing machine

ü  It’s sold under a lifetime money back or replacement guarantee

û  It may flatten overtime

û  It may be uncomfortable to sit upon at first

û  It’s not fitted to some contoured seats

Best Value: Comfilife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

If you asked what our favorite seat cushion is out of 5 products mentioned above, we would go with the everlasting one as it offers great comfort at a low price.

Not only that, we personally find that the tailbone needs well taking care of and we usually find that part of the body is the most hurt part when driving for long hours.

What to look for when buying a car seat cushion


In case you want to dig deeper and do some further research to have more options, we would like to walk you through some notes that you should take when it comes to buying a car seat cushion.

The first thing you should keep in mind is upholstery. There is a wide variety of cushions for car seats sold out there but not every type is equipped with washable covers.

And you know that it’s likely that you may spill or stain your seats so if you are planning to purchase a car seat cushion, it’s highly recommended that you choose the one with easy clean cover to avoid unwanted accidents.

The second thing that is advised to consider when buying a car seat pad is safety.

To ensure your driving safety, you should choose cushions that fit your car seats, do not go for a bigger one.

If you bought a cushion that is too big, it could push your head closer to the airbag and as a result it would be extremely dangerous if you had to hit your brakes unexpectedly.

The third thing that you should take into consideration is coverage and ergonomics.

Cushions for car seats are available in different designs. There are ones that cover your entire back but there are also ones that cover only your seat. So before jumping to place an order, you should make up your mind which part you wish to support in order that you can choose the optimum.

In addition, although some cushions are used to support the same part, they also come in different shapes so they can give the best support to the part intended. 

Therefore, you should also consider ergonomics to enjoy the best driving experiences.

The fourth thing which is also important is installation. Some cushions are easy to install but some require sophisticated installation procedures to ensure your safety while driving.

So make sure that you check how the cushion is installed so as to experience the safest drives when rolling on bumpy roads.

And the last thing you should consider when going for a car seat cushion is the person who is going to use the cushion.

The reason for this note is some cushions are so comfortable that drivers driving for long hours may lose focus as you’re behind the wheel. In this scenario, it could be perilous.

So if you are going for a cushion for drives, you just need a cushion which provides enough comfort but if you are choosing a cushion for your passengers, you should go for a more comfortable one.


That’s the end of your article. We hope that this guide is useful to those who are looking for best car seat cushions to say goodbye to discomfort for driving over a long distance or at a frequent time.

In final words, we would like to say that you should make a list of things that you expect from a cushion for your car seat so that you can save time for the research work.

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