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12 Car Interior Decoration Ideas

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How to make your car look sporty?

It’s the same model of the same brand car , but sports cars are always more expensive than normal cars.

Not everyone can afford to buy a sports car right out of the factory, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t own a powerful sports car.

Follow our guide on how to make your car look sporty and you will get your dream car.

how to make your car look sporty

Install New Wheels

how to make your car look sporty

Only updating the speakers of your car is not enough. It’s because you want to know how to make your car look athletic.

But, with that in mind, it’s like getting a new haircut with new wheels. It transforms your character.

You will get a wide range of choices to choose from, depending on the manufacturer of your car.

Every model spoils choices for consumers, doesn’t it? Such a range often involves exceptional quality and the best match for your unique model. Don’t hold back then.

Install a Front End Cover

how to make your car look sporty

Giving the front end of your car a slight lift is what we call putting on a car bra and it’s one of the best ways to make your car look sporty. Actually, these front-end covers are called car bras which come with leather and, most of the time, they are made of vinyl.

These car bras will cover the front end of your car so that it stays protected from dust and debris.

Believe it or not, these car bras actually make your car look good, and they also protect your bumper hoods.

Like usual bras for women, the custom front end covers also have various sizes and coverage levels.

Along with providing protection, they help give style and retain value to your car.

Before going to buy a car bra, look at the types of bras available in the market. The most popular ones are full car bras, t-style car bras, and sport car bras.

The full car bra will give the utmost coverage to the front area, including the bumper and grill.

Clean Your Engine

how to make your car look sporty

Most individuals can keep the exterior and interior of their car in show-ready condition, but they sometimes fail to preserve the cleanliness of what is under the hood.

Do not run now to take a hose to the soap bucket to the engine of your car (there are specific ways to clean it-and if you do it wrong, you’re going to kill it)-but certainly look at how to properly clean and maintain it.

A clean engine will take years off the age of your car and make it look spectacular-free of leaves, grime, oil and corrosion.

You will find the mark of a real car guy in how clean he keeps stuff under the hood.

Make a new coat of paint for the car

how to make your car look sporty

If you are looking for tips on how to make your car look sporty, then painting is an option that is worth your consideration.

Just repaint your car, then polish it to make it more cool.

This job does not cost you much money and time, but it brings unexpected results.

Feel free to get your car painted any color or color combination you want.

The limit is the sky. Most auto paint places can combine any color you like and produce any sort of effect you can think of.

Invest in some Neon Lights

how to make your car look sporty

The most economical way to improve the way your car looks is by adding exterior and interior lights.

It is easy to set up neon lights, isn’t it? Plus, they come in colors of all sorts.

You can also select neon lights that, depending on the musical tunes, appear to change colors.

Hook up tinted windows

how to make your car look sporty

Have you ever seen a sports car without tinted windows? Every performance-driven or modified car rolls around with darkened glass.

And that’s because the tinted appearance is responsible for providing that sporty feeling.

Regarding functionality, it adds privacy to the car while also keeping the sun rays from damaging the interior.

Install Sports Seats

how to make your car look sporty

Installing sports seats is the perfect way to accessorize your vehicle interior. Then why not go slightly overboard if you can make your car look sporty!

To suit the optimal contours of the vehicle’s body, sports bucket seats have come into existence. Proper installation ensures a simple, natural take-off and switch.

Attach a spoiler to your car’s rear end

how to make your car look sporty

Airflow passes a moving vehicle. Often shaped like a transverse fin or blade mounted at the front or rear, it reduces lift and increases traction at high speeds.

Most often, they are attached to the rear of the car and used simply to add style. Spoilers look better on some cars than others, so use your judgment if you think it’ll work for yours.

They are commonly seen on sports cars and sedans, but can be found on other vehicles as well.

There are several types of spoilers that you can choose from, depending on the desired changes that you want for your car. Order a spoiler based on the make of your car.


For some people, a car is just a way to get around, but for others, it’s an extension of their personality.

If you have the creativity and the money, there are many things you can do to make your car burst with character.

With the right touch, your car will be the one turning heads every time you turn the corner.

The car is also a part of your personality, so turn it into the way you want. In this article we gave you tips on how to make your car look sporty even on a tight budget. I hope that they are useful to you.

But if you did like the content, share it with fellow car enthusiasts.

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking out time to read the article. Do come back for more!

Now it’s time for me to drive off!

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How to protect car paint

There are many weather factors that affect the surface of your car paint such as sunlight, toxins, UV rays, polluted smoke, bird droppings, water on the road surface etc.

These are the causes that make car paint fade and emissions that can slowly eat away at the surface materials found on your daily driver.

As a result, your car will no longer be shiny and eye-catching. So how to protect car paint from those bad factors? In this article I will give some how to protect car paint

How to protect car paint


Factors that badly affect a car’s paint


Before talking about the solutions, let’s find out together some major contributors that accelerate paint corrosion:


UV Rays

How to protect car paint


The sun is awesome for providing warmth on a winter morning and making that deep paint job look rich, but it can also cause havoc to your vehicle’s surface. There are two types of UV rays – UVA (which is responsible for causing damage to the surface of a substance – usually aging) and UVB – which is what causes burns and skin damage). Heat is produced by infrared rays or IR.


Natural Waste

How to protect car paint


Bird droppings and bug splatters are second on the list of factors that can wreck a car’s paint surface. Both items are highly acidic, with other ingredients that stick to different materials on your vehicle. If you don’t remove them from the clear coat, even windows – they will begin to stain and etch into the top layers – especially on the car’s paint.


Smog & Pollution

How to protect car paint


Smog is some kind of essentially unburned particulates that are derived from fossil fuels. It’s carbon emissions that circulate amongst the air you breathe and eventually find a home on your car’s paint surface. If the vehicle isn’t washed on a normal basis, smog and industrial pollution will bond to the surface, again causing damage to your car paint.


How to protect car paint from factors of damage


Using Natural Carnauba Wax

How to protect car paint


 Natural Carnauba Wax is like a surface coating on the car paint. It is a liquid car wax that is made mainly from natural carnauba wax – a secretion derived from a palm tree based in Brazil. The product is exceptional at creating a hard-shell on top of the vehicle’s painted surface.

Today natural car waxes are based on the same concept – using natural oils and resins that bond on the top of the car surface and protect it against UV rays and other outdoor elements for a few months.

And there is one thing you should know that every trip to an automatic car wash can accelerate the breakdown so you just need to give your car a bath when it’s necessary.


Using Polymer or Synthetic Paint Sealants

How to protect car paint


The lab-created wax job is known as a paint sealant which is highly recommended if you’re looking for how to protect your car paint. It’s synthetic in nature and may consist of some natural carnauba wax, silicon dioxide (SiO2) and Teflon materials. This is what you’d call a hybrid car wax.

It can be applied via a paste, liquid, or it can be sprayed on and then buffed off with a fresh microfiber cloth. About the durability of this method, there are some paint sealants that are claimed to hold up for 8 months to a year in pristine situations.


Using DIY Ceramic Coatings

How to protect car paint


They are mainly designed for the ease of application and they replicate a lot of the ‘attributes’ of a professional-grade nano coating. For example, most of these coatings contain a lot of hydrophobic properties which are what makes water bead on the surface. And for the most part – they do this quite well.

However, they are not the best at providing actual protection to your vehicle’s paint. While some contain microscopic levels of ceramic ingredients (which is why they can call it “ceramic coating”), others have large percentages of SiO2 which mechanics aren’t quite certain what that ingredient does. And there is one tiny problematic thing about this trick.

Although some of these coatings will hold up for 18 months ,the level of protection they offer is not backed by warranties or any documented studies.

If you’re going to buy a DIY ceramic coating, just make sure that you do thorough research on the product and the supporting materials you need like extra microfiber cloth for example.

Make sure you feel comfortable with the prep work, installation, and the aftercare recommended.

It’s really becoming a buyer beware market, so make sure to complete your research and consider all options before making the financial investment.


Choosing professional Applied Coatings and Paint Protection Film

How to protect car paint


If you’re looking for the optimal way to protect your car paint, Ceramic Pro offers several affordable options. The flagship Ceramic Pro 9H nano coatings are sold in package levels. Each is with its own expected and guaranteed warranty.


Applying ceramic Coating & Paint Protection


We also offer a paint protection film from XPEL here at ATD Detailing. Consider paint protection film (PPF) as a transparent car cover – as it can be applied to your paint, headlights, and other materials on your vehicle.


Parking Your Vehicle In A Sheltered Location

How to protect car paint


Cover your car up with a garage or covered parking spot. This, in our opinion, is the easiest method on how to protect your car paint.

This makes a world of difference for maintaining the entirety of the vehicle, especially the paint. The sun produces harmful UV light which over time can deteriorate your paint and also sun bleach the interior of your car.

In addition, you are less likely to come across sap, bugs, and bird poops in a covered area.

This may seem pretty obvious but you can really tell the difference between two cars of the same make, model, and year when one has been kept in a garage or a shelter and the other has not.


Buying a Car Cover

How to protect car paint


A simple, easy and inexpensive option for anyone who doesn’t have access to a covered parking space is to bring a car cover along with you. A car cover will run you anywhere from $20 to $100 making this an extremely affordable option for most car owners. 

This technique is also great for car owners that want to cover their vehicle while being away from the house like during their work day.




That’s the end of your comprehensive guide on how to protect your car paint from harmful factors. We hope that this article will be a useful source of reference to you.

And as a final remark, we would like to say that you should take care of your car paint well as it’s the face of your car and also a mood lifter every time you drive your car. A neglect of care may lead to unwanted consequences.

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2 How to fix a cracked windshield

The structure of a car windshield consists of two layers of green-resistant glass. In particular, in between these two layers, there is a layer of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) plastic that is tightly pressed together under high pressure and temperature.

As a result, when there is a strong impact, the glass will break into pieces, but the shards will not be thrown, causing danger to people around.

But when it is impacted by an object like a stone or gravel, it will crack. In this case you may think of taking your car to the repair shop. However, there is a more economical way to deal with this problem.

So how to fix a cracked windshield without taking an expensive trip to the glass shop or the garages. You will get the answer in this article.

How to fix a cracked windshield

Using RainX 

How to fix a cracked windshield

Manufacturer ‎Rain-X
Brand ‎Rain-X
Model ‎Windshield Repair Kit
Item Weight ‎2.4 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎1 x 4.38 x 8.56 inches
Item model number ‎161890
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No
Manufacturer Part Number ‎161890
Folding ‎No
Cover Included ‎Windshield Repair Kit

You can buy it on

Using Windshield Repair Kits

How to fix a cracked windshield

Windshield crack repair kits are a useful tool when you seek for how to fix a cracked windshield on your own. 

They can be found in the auto parts department of many retailers like Walmart and Target, as well as more traditional auto parts stores like Pep Boys and AutoZone. 

Failing that, the warehouse-distributor auto parts stores that cater to professional mechanics can supply you. 

Of course, there’s also Amazon, which can sling a repair kit to your door usually overnight. A good gauge there is the customer reviews, and our survey found multiple options from Permatex, RainX, ARISD, Loctite, and Gliston.

Procedures differ marginally, but the principle is the same. We fixed a couple of windshields to test some of these products, and the results were excellent. 

Read our report below—but regardless of which kit you use, remember to start with an absolutely dry windshield that’s somewhere near the room temperature.

You don’t want to trap any water in the repair, so use a hair dryer if the window is wet.

If the surface is dirty, don’t use any detergents or window cleaner. Lighter fluid or acetone can help dry and clean the surface, but don’t use so much that it dribbles down the glass and peels the paint, or worse

You can do fix a cracked windshield by following these steps:

How to fix a cracked windshield

Step 1: Pre-Mixed Adhesive

We first used a simple kit from Loctite with a one-part adhesive and an uncomplicated syringe to apply it. 

Start by peeling off the backing film on one side of the precut adhesive strip and applying it to the pre-cleaned glass, centered over the chip. Burnish with the back of your thumbnail or a blunt object. Now peel the remaining film.

Orient the plastic adapter so that the fitting is as close to vertical as possible and stick it to the film. Burnish again. 

Pull the cap off the syringe, keeping it pointy-end-up so the adhesive doesn’t wind up on the fender. Attach the syringe to the adapter.

Now here’s the tricky part: Lay your watch down somewhere so you can see the second hand, or set up your smartphone in stopwatch mode.

Grasp the syringe body with one hand to stabilize it, and pull the handle of the syringe out as far as it will go. Hold the handle in this position for a full minute. This pulls a partial vacuum in the syringe—and in the crack.

While you’re holding this vacuum, the air in the crack bubbles up through the adhesive in the syringe, while adhesive creeps down toward the glass and chip. Now let go of the handle. 

Don’t follow the handle, but let it go abruptly. The pressure wave from the handle slamming down will force adhesive into the crack.

Step 2: Two-Part Adhesive

We also tried a repair kit that used a two-part adhesive. These are far less common – though you might find them in your search and be forced to use one in a pinch – and they require users to mix two small vials of adhesive and hardener in the syringe before starting, which was simple.

The adhesive disc and syringe adapter are similar, if not identical, to the simpler kit’s, and are applied in an identical fashion. 

The syringe, however, is more complex. It uses a wire latch arrangement on the body that drops into two notches on the handle when necessary.

A simple push pin stuck into the body serves as a very crude valve to let air in and out of the body. Once the syringe is attached to the adapter (the adapter already being stuck airtight to the glass), you remove the pushpin. 

Then you bottom the syringe plunger, pushing the air out, insert the pin, and pull the handle out until the clip clicks into the slot. This will hold the plunger out, and the partial vacuum under it for the designated time.

Rather than rapidly releasing the pressure like you do with the Loctite kit, in this case you remove the pin, admitting air into the syringe barrel. 

Then you replace the pin, sealing the hole, followed by releasing the clip, pushing the handle in to lightly pressurize the barrel and force adhesive into the chip for a minute or so. 

The second slot will trap the clip as soon as you’ve pushed in far enough. Repeat this “vent, suck, vent, squeeze” operation several times to force adhesive into the crack.


How to fix a cracked windshield

When you notice a small crack or rock chip, don’t wait. If another rock hits, the entire windshield can crack, requiring complete replacement.

Don’t hesitate, You may take your car to a prestigious car garage or repair them yourself by following the ways that I gave on how to fix a cracked windshield. Good luck to you!

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9 best car window tint for heat reduction

If you own a car for the first time, I am sure that you will be very excited. You will drive it a few rounds with a great feeling. 

This feeling will no longer exist when you drive under the hot sun as the sun’s rays will shine directly on you through the windshield, the windows. As a result, you will feel stifling and it is like you’re in a steamer. Even if you turn on the air conditioner, the bright sunlight still makes you uncomfortable and even affects your vision while driving. 

But don’t worry, everything has a solution, and your problem is how to apply the best cooling film on the car glass without breaking the laws. In this article I show you 9 best car window tint for heat reduction

best car window tint for heat reduction

Reducing heat and cooling down faster by using 3M Automotive Window Films

best car window tint for heat reduction

On summer days, cars overheat quickly and metal seat belts will get too hot to handle. 

In this case you can come to the 3M™ Automotive Window Films as a good solution. This product reduces heat by rejecting up to 60% of the solar energy coming in through your windows. 

Therefore, it will keep your cool for a more comfortable ride. Moreover, the films are designed to even out your car’s interior temperature. 

They are applied to rear and side glasses to help block solar heat and UV rays from entering the vehicle while allowing visible light in.


Fixing A Lexen 2-Ply Premium Carbon Window Tint

best car window tint for heat reduction

The next product on our list of best car window tints for heat reduction is the Lexen 2-Ply premium carbon one. This roll of window tint comes as a 20-inch by 10-foot roll. 

To apply it effectively, you will have to carry out the standard squeegee process, with a cutting knife and instructions included in the box.

Lexen Premium Carbon will block harmful UV-rays when correctly installed, lead to lower temperatures inside the cabin, and help to protect the interior from fading. 

However, there is something about this product that you need to keep in mind is that you should always check the darkness percentage before purchase to ensure that you comply with local laws.

You should have enough tints for four side windows if measured correctly. This product comes in 20%, 35%, and 50% light transmission varieties so you will also need to decide which one you prefer too.


Using A Lexen 2-Ply Pre-Cut Tint Kit

best car window tint for heat reduction

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of trimming to size when purchasing an entire roll, Lexen makes it possible to receive an exact fit for your make and model with one complete kit. 

You can choose the specific grade of shading with this option as well (from 50% all the way down to 5%). 

With this Lexen kit, you’ll still receive all of the scratch-resistant features that are notable from this manufacturer while receiving the installation tools necessary from an error-free process. 

Enough film is provided to cover the four primary cabin windows, the rear window, and the two smaller windows if you have them in the back. Front windshield and sunroof are excluded.


Sticking The UEi T-View Window Tint


This two-ply, 1mm film should not be missed out if you are looking for best car window tints to reduce heat as it resists peeling and bubbling when applied to your windows, yet it is still exceptionally pliable for an easy installation.

 It also offers a high level of heat resistance so that you don’t encounter the shrinking issues that cheaper film can sometimes cause.

T-View window film works with curved surfaces quite easily, but it can be a little tough to shrink to a back window on some vehicles.

It’s a very unforgiving product as well with creasing, so it is well-suited for those who are used to this work.


Pasting MKBrother 2-Ply Car Window Tint


This car window tint comes in a roll that’s 30″ wide and anywhere from 5 feet to 100 feet in length. It is a scratch-resistant film which rejects 99% of UV rays and available in 20% VLT as well as lighter and darker variants.

MKBrother window tint is a non-metalized product as well that goes on easily since it already contains an adhesive.

As with most roll-based tints, you will want to inspect the tint before application because the shipping process can sometimes wrinkle the product to create creases that would appear on your window after final installation.


Using Gila Heat Shield Plus Automotive Window Tint


The Gila heat shield plus tint is also worth your time and consideration when it comes to best car window tints for heat reduction. 

This window tint provides you with exceptional glare blocking that will make it much easier to drive in bright conditions. 

It darkens the windows effectively allowing only 35% of outside light to shine through, keeping the interior cooler while blocking up to 99% of UV rays. It also comes in darker 20% and even 5% VLT varieties

Gila Heat Shield Plus is also a scratch-resistant product that will help prevent some scratching but is of course not completely scratch-proof. 

The adhesive film applies easily with a standard installation kit, which means you can get the work done at home in an hour or two in most situations.


Fixing Greenfilm Static Cling Window Tint

If you want to see what your car would be like with a tint without a permanent installation, then the Greenfilm cling-based window tint is your best option. This static cling tint provides you with a press-on experience that will give you the exact level of shading that is legally permitted in your area. 

This particular product has 50% light transmission but can be had in a VLT down to 5% or even full blackout.

Greenfilm is a removable and reusable product as well, but it does not work with double-paned, plastic, or acrylic surfaces. 

You’ll still need to follow the usual installation process to avoid bubbles in the final outcome. Works great for home windows as well.


Choosing MotoShield Pro Precut Ceramic Tint Film

This car window tint works well for all of your side windows if you currently own a sedan, coupe, truck, SUV, minivan, or any Tesla model. 

When you order, simply provide your vehicle make and model information, and then customize the tint percentage.

If you choose the default MotoShield Pro option, you’ll receive a mid-range 35% tint to apply. 

The advantage of these precut window tints is that you won’t have to fuss with getting a perfect trim that fits. 

The disadvantage is the premium price.


Using Velimax Total Blackout Window Film

best car window tints for heat reduction

The last product on our list of best car window tints for heat reduction is the Velimax film. This tinting alternative gives you a static cling experience instead of adhesive so that you’re not stuck with an adverse outcome if you make a mistake.

It will stop up to 99% of daylight from coming into your vehicle cabin, so this product may not be legal for use in many areas.

If you want to have the best result, then you should apply Velimax blackout window film to a single pane of glass that is clean, smooth, and flat. 

If you make an error, just peel it back to reapply once again. Several different sizes are available.




If you want the benefits of tinted windows on your vehicle but don’t have the budget for a professional installation, the above handpicked 9 best car window tints for reducing heat can give you similar results when you take your time to install them correctly.

It is essential that you follow the car window tinting laws in your country. Most places allow for front windshield tinting of only the top 4-6 inches, while side and rear windows must have at least 40% to 70% visible light transmission ).

The best car window tint will offer noticeable heat reduction inside your vehicle while giving your car or truck a nice visual upgrade. Country window tint laws can be different, so consider your traveling habits before installing one of the window tints and alternatives.

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How to remove water spots from car? – 6 ways

Water marks on glass of a car is an inconvenience most of us have faced numerous times. No matter where you live, you would have come across these stubborn water spots on your bathroom mirrors, car’s windshield and home windows. 

If not removed correctly, they will leave the mirror with a visible stain, even some scratches. So how to remove water spots from car by yourself? We will show you simple methods in the next article.

How to remove water spots from car


Water Spot Removal from car Mirrors and windshield


Glasses and windows of your car are the most common sites when it comes to water spots as water droplets can stray from puddles by the roadside or while it is raining. There are many techniques to get rid of these water marks, but if it is hard water, not every technique will work for you. You have to clean it every single time the sink is used and nobody has time for that.

Here are some steps you can follow for water spot removal from mirrors and windows and make them as good as new.

How to remove water spots from car

– Step 1: Make a mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. The best option is to take water with less minerals.

– Step 2: Take a towel and soak it into the mixture. Now use this to wipe away the spots. Make sure the towel remains wet throughout

– Step 3: On difficult spots, press the towel on the area for some minutes. The acidity of the vinegar will help in softening the minerals in hard water, which will make the removal of these spots easy. 

You can also drape the wet towel on the mirror or window glass until the water spots disappear.

If you do not want to go through the above procedures, you can use WD-40 as it effectively removes water marks from mirrors. 

It is an effective spray for mirror cleaning and water spot removal and will make it look as good as new.


How to remove water spots from car? 

Using WD-40

How to remove water spots from car


Our first tip on how to remove water spots from cars is to use WD-40. WD-40 is great when it comes to mirror cleaning and water spot removal. It’s easy to use and all you have to do is spray the liquid on to the affected area and wipe it clean with a clean cloth.

It will leave your glass windows and mirrors sparkling clean and as good as new. Plus it offers easy and quick removal of water spots by reacting with the minerals in water and loosening up their bonds, making water spot removal easier

Using Pure White Vinegar

How to remove water spots from car


If there are some really tough stains on the mirror, then you can use pure white vinegar to clean it up. Spray the vinegar on to the glass or soak a towel in it and use it to rub away the stains.

Make sure you wear proper rubber gloves to protect your hands from the acidity of vinegar.


Using Baking Soda

How to remove water spots from car


The next trick you can apply to remove water spots from cars is to use baking soda. It is an excellent cleaning agent.

Make a mixture of water and baking soda and apply the paste to the affected areas of the mirror or glass. Leave it there for about half an hour and then wipe it clean using a wet towel and rinse thoroughly. It will leave the mirror looking as good as new.


Using dishwashing liquid 

How to remove water spots from car


Dishwashing liquid is very good at cleaning stains on glass, ceramic, and porcelain surfaces.

To apply this technique, you use a mug, drop a few drops of the liquid in about 1 liter of water, mix them well and you can use it.


Using Powdered Dishwashing Agent


A simple mixture of powdered dishwashing agent and water can also be used to clean water spots from car’s mirrors and glasses. This technique is super effective when it comes to removing tough stains and what is exciting about this trick is that it can make your car’s mirrors and glasses perfectly clean without leaving any residues on them.

And if you wish to use this technique, it’s usually recommended that you use the powdered dishwashing agent with pH between 4 and 5 to experience the best performance.


Using Ammonia


The last tip on how to remove water spots from cars that we want to give you is to use ammonia. You need to make a mixture of ammonia and water, soak a towel in it and use this to clean the water spots from mirrors and glasses.

It is important to wear protective gloves when using ammonia as it can cause serious injuries. It can also cause skin irritation therefore, be careful when handling it.

These simple tips can be used to clean water marks from mirrors. Our go-to product when it comes to mirror cleaning and water spot removal is WD-40 as it is quick and easy to use and it presents excellent results.




That’s the end of our comprehensive guide on how to remove water spots from cars. We hope that you are successful and receive the result that you expect. In final words, we would like to say that the key to removing hard water spots is to not let it stand too long, especially in winter months. With a coating of Polish & Wax or better yet, Premium Protect on your paint finish, you’ll buy yourself some time to wash the hard water away as soon as possible.

The best way is that you have to clean the car’s glasses every day with a regular glass cleaner bottle.

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How to stop a windshield crack from spreading car care ( 5 Tips to Stop a Windshield Crack )

The first time I bought a car was in 2016, it was an old Hyundai brand car. My first time driving on private car was great. 3 months later the car had an unfortunate incident, one day I was driving home from work, suddenly the wind was very strong a rather big dry tree branch … Read more

How to use Lucas oil stop leak

Your car engine is considered to be the soul of your car. With a high-grade engine, you can enjoy comfortable and joyful driving experiences. However, over time your car engine will inevitably suffer from general wear and tear. Once that time comes, you may find that leaks begin to happen and you will have to … Read more