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How often should you wash your car

Washing your car is like giving it a shower. Your car is exposed to smoke and dust every day so you have to wash your car regularly to help it stay in good condition. 

Yet, the question is how often should you wash your car? This is a question with no exact answer. It depends on the situation where your car operates. 

So in this article, we are honored to help you find the answer to this question and also provide you with some useful information to get the best results out of the washing job.

How often should you wash your car


Reasons to wash your car

How often should you wash your car
Man washing his car, close-up


There are more reasons to wash your car than just making it look clean and pretty. 

As you drive, your car will naturally get dirty. You may have some dead bugs or bird droppings landing on your vehicle. 

Turns out, these droppings and bugs corrode the paint if they sit on your car for a long time. If you live in a rural, wooded area, tree sap may fall onto your car and cause paint issues later.

It’s even more important for drivers that live near the coast and in areas that experience harsh winters to get that car wash. 

Salt will corrode the paint and cause rust on your car if left unwashed. This can get onto your vehicle either from the air if you’re by the coast or from the salt used to melt ice on the roads in winter.

Not only would you be saving your paint by giving your car a proper wash but you can also save some money when you trade in the vehicle. 

Dealers will look at the condition of the vehicle when they make an offer, and paint is no exception.


How often should you wash your car?

How often should you wash your car


Experts say you should be giving your car a wash every three weeks. It doesn’t matter if you go to an automated car wash or you get a sponge and clean it yourself. 

But if you live along the coast or in areas like Green Bay that see a lot of snow, you should wash every two weeks. The level of salt exposure is very high in these areas and will have a negative impact on your vehicle if left unwashed for too long. 

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In our opinion, you can do the washing job more often if you have time. For example, if you drive to work on clean roads, it’s fine that you wash your car once a week. 

At the weekend you take a break from work, washing the car is also a way to relax, moreover you and your car will have a newer, younger and more dynamic appearance to be ready for the new week to come. 

But if you have to work on a dirt and dusty construction site,  washing twice a week will do just fine.

In the end, washing your car occasionally will help protect its appearance and value.


How to wash your car safely?


Along with the question “How often should you wash your car?”, you should also pay attention to “How to wash your car safely?”.


Making the right preparations for yourself

How often should you wash your car


Washing a car is a simple, low-risk task, but cleaning products could be toxic. 

Therefore, you should make sure that you will not get any soaps, waxes, shines, detailers, or grime in your eyes, mouth, or open wounds. 

And remember to wear gloves if you want to keep your hands clean from the chemicals.

How often should you wash your car


Having necessary tools in your hands


Using the wrong items, such as a dish towel or dish soap, to clean your car could damage the paint. 

A few cheap purchases, some of which you’ll only have to buy once, will greatly upgrade the effectiveness of your next wash. 

Here’s what you need:

  • Nitrile gloves (optional)
  • Water hose
  • Two buckets
  • Two dirt traps
  • Microfiber car wash mitt
  • Microfiber towels
  • Car wash soap
  • Wheel brush
  • Car window cleaner


Applying 8 following steps

1. With dirt traps at the bottom, fill two buckets with water and add the soap

2. Rinse the car, top, body, and underneath, with the hose.

How often should you wash your car

3. With a lathered up mitt, start washing the car from the top and proceed down the car.

4. Wash and rinse the car in quarters to help prevent dried streaks and/or water spots.

5. Wash the wheels with a brush and rinse. Always do this last as you don’t want the brake dust or dirt and grime to get transferred to your paint and scratch its enamel. You can also use a different brush or towel if you want to do them first.

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How often should you wash your car
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6. Once all parts of the car have been washed, rinse the entire vehicle again.

7. Use one towel to quickly soak up the large majority of the water around the whole car.

8. Use a second dry towel to detail dry.

How often should you wash your car


Pro Tips to Wash Your Car:


Sometimes, you may want to wash your car in a DIY way to have some fun in your free time or to save some money. 

Whatever the reason is, you are usually in search of tips on washing your car efficiently. 

So, we have consulted some experts at washing cars and also learned from our own experiences to create this section. 

When washing your car, you should:

+ Wear clothes with soft surfaces. Jeans, for example, have metal that could scratch the car.

+ Always park in the shade, and if there isn’t any, wait for it. In the sun, the heat could dry-wash chemicals or water streaks onto your vehicle.

How often should you wash your car

+ Don’t ignore the wheel wells and underneath the car. Just because these sections aren’t visible, it doesn’t mean that you should give them half-effort cleaning.

These spots are hit with more dirt and grime than any other part of the vehicle and they require extra attention to get those dirty things all off.

+ Never go to a gas station car wash or any other wash that uses those giant brushes that look like Sideshow Bob’s hair. 

They often collect dirt, rocks, and other contaminants that will damage your vehicle.

+ Don’t forget to open your car doors and clean the sills. 

How often should you wash your car




That’s the end of our article. We hope that you are satisfied with the answer we gave to the question “how often should you wash your car?” and with all the information we gladly provided. 

In final words, we would like to say that although washing your car appears to be a simple task, there are certain things you need to pay your attention to to make sure that your car has the best look for the longest possible time. 

So, do some research before getting started and remember that we are always here to help if you have something stuck on your mind.

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Is it bad to wash your car too often?


Well, the answer to this question could be a yes but it can also be a no. Yes, it’s bad to wash your car too often if you don’t wash your buddy properly. 

For example, if you wash your car too often with poor-quality washing products or you choose the wrong method, you are not cleaning your car but you are damaging your car. 

However, the answer would be a no as long as you wash your car in the right way.


What type of car wash is the best?


There are many types of car wash that you can apply to give your car a new and clean look after days of being covered in dust. 

You can treat your car with an automatic wash, a brushless wash or a waterless wash. 

But if you are looking for the best type of car wash, you should choose the hand wash as according to the majority of experts, this is the method that causes the least damage to your car.


Can automatic washes damage your car?


There is no denial that automatic wash is super convenient and labor-saving when it comes to a car washing method. 

But you should know that this method could cause damage to your car. According to an expert at Auto Attention, the automatic wash could abrade your car’s paintwork while being used to wash your car as the brushes used aren’t maintained in a proper way. 

So if you’re planning to go for this type of car washing, you should make sure that brushes used to wash your car are well taken care of so that unwanted damage would not happen.


Should I let my car air dry?


Well, in most cases, you should not let your car dry naturally. 

The main reason is that there are residues staying in the washed surface of your car if you leave your car air drying. 

These residues can result in streaks or spots that may make your car look even worse compared to its unwashed condition. 

Therefore, you should not choose air drying as an option to dry your car after it’s undergone a washing process.

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