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How to fix a stuck car window in simple ways

To avoid the sun and rain and ensure the “enjoyment” of the outside space, manufacturers have designed glass doors for cars. 

Window glass is designed to be raised and lowered to help to circulate the air inside the car to the outside. 

However, at certain points, you may find that your car window is stuck, which is pretty annoying. 

In this article, we will show you some simple ways if you’re on the lookout for how to fix a stuck car window.

How to fix a stuck car window


Working principle of car glass lifting system

How to fix a stuck car window


Let’s rock with finding out how the car glass lifting system works. The auto glass lifting system works based on 2 main parts:

+ Glass door lifter: The glass door is supported by the lifting lever of the window lifter. Based on the rotation of the motor that drives the window, it will create an up and down motion to open and close the window.

+ Window control motor: Window control motor is designed with three parts: motor, gear transmission and anti-jamming sensor. The motor changes the direction of rotation by switching the gear transmission of the motor’s rotation to the window lifter.


Causes which lead to a stuck car window


Up next, we will find out what causes a car window to be stuck. 

This is quite important as we think that we can fix a stuck car window more easily if we know the reasons why it’s trapped. 

In general, a stuck car window can be caused by three main following reasons:

+ Damaged motor: That the motor is damaged can result in no sound or movement when pressing the glass up and down button.

How to fix a stuck car window in simple ways

+ Worn and degraded gears: Gears are responsible for transmitting motor motion to the glass lifter. Therefore, when the wheel is worn and degraded, the car glass lifting system will be stuck.

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+ Broken or stuck cable: when the cable is broken or stuck in the torsion shaft, causing the glass door to not move up or down completely.

How to fix a stuck car window in simple ways

Besides, you may find that your car window is stuck when:

+The movement joints are dirty, rusty.

+ Low maintenance rubber gaskets often harden.

+ The glass up and down switch is broken, flickered, short circuited in the line.

How to fix a stuck car window in simple ways


How to fix a stuck car window easily


When you encounter a situation where the car window is stuck, you can simply fix it by following these steps.

Step 1: Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the door body cover.

Step 2: Disconnect and control the arm opening and remove them from the door.

Step 3: Look closely at the glass lifter to determine the cause of the stuck car window. If the cause is a jammed cable, return the cable to its original position. In case the cable is broken, replace it with a new one.

Step 4: After checking the cable, you continue to check the car door gasket. If the door seal is damaged, you should remove the door gasket and replace it.

Step 5: Continue to check the electric motor, if you see that the electric motor works ineffectively, replace it with a new one. In addition, you need to check the fuses, switches, and wires to see if they are working properly or not.

Step 6: Reinsert the screws in the places you removed them.


Another common problem: The car window is squeaky

How to fix a stuck car window in simple ways


We thought that it would be interesting if we talk about another common problem with your car window that you may encounter. 

The phenomenon of car window hissing is mainly caused by dirt clinging to the interstitial walls of the car window, creating large friction that limits the operation of the glass lifting system. 

How to fix a stuck car window

This will cause the car window to be hissed and difficult to get up and down. If you’re in this situation, you can deal with it by applying the following guide.

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Step 1: Adjust the car door to the bottom so that the door gap is open

Step 2: Use a cleaning solution to clean the joints and rubber gaskets. Then spray a solution on the rubber conditioner and the plastic conditioner and use a lubricating solution to spray on the crevices of the car door to help the car window work better.

Step 3: Turn on the adjustment button to check if the car window has stopped hissing or not and whether it’s difficult to raise or lower or not.

Step 4: If this phenomenon persists, you should continue to lubricate with this solution again or change the new glass gasket.


How to prevent a stuck car window from occurring


Protection is much better than fixing. 

Therefore, in addition to honorably providing you with tips on how to fix a stuck car window, we would like to give you tips on how to prevent that unpleasant problem from happening. 

To reduce the problem of car window glass jamming, we recommend the following tips:

+ Remember the regular maintenance schedule

How to fix a stuck car window

Periodic car maintenance is very necessary not only to overcome the phenomenon of car window jams, but also to detect and promptly handle the problems that your car is facing.

+ Take the comprehensive vehicle inspection 2 times/year

You should have a comprehensive vehicle inspection twice a year to be able to accurately and quickly detect the problems that you are having.




Above is how to fix a stuck car window in simple ways that we would like to introduce to you. 

Hopefully with this article, you will have more useful information to help car windows operate smoothly and not get stuck. 

In final words, we would like to say that you should regularly check on your car window and also the entire car to make sure that your car will operate properly.

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How much does it cost to fix a stuck car window?


It depends on what the make of your car is, what model it is and how old it is. However, we can give you a roughly average number. 

If you have a mechanic fix your stuck car window, you may have to spend around $200 to $300 to get the work done. 

This cost includes $120 to $150 for the labor cost and $80 to $150 for the cost of a window motor. 

Of course if you are able to do the fixing yourself, you’ll save the amount of money supposed to be spent on the help of a mechanic.


How do I know if my window motor is bad?


When your window is in bad condition, you may perceive that by noticing these four common symptoms. 

The first one is that you have to press several times to roll the window up or down. 

The second one is that when you roll the window up or down, it goes slower or faster than usual. 

The third one is that there is clicking on the door when the car window is rolled up or down. And the last one is that the power window doesn’t stay up or it’s crooked.


How do you get a power window up when stuck down?


That the power window is stuck down is not a rare case. 

When you encounter this problem, you can easily handle it. First you need to press and hold the window switch in a closed position. 

After that you gather some strength to push the side that keeps the window closed after keeping the button depressed. 

And finally, while keeping the button depressed, you open and slam the car door. 

Normally, you may have to repeat the whole process a few times until the window is open.


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