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How to get dog hair out of your car? – 8 ways

If you are an animal lover, especially dogs, it is difficult for you to go out without taking them with you. 

Every summer, my family usually spends a week together on a summer vacation, and there is a formal seat for a pet dog whose name is Tom. He is very excited when he goes out. He rolls around, dances in the car and as a result his hair is all over the car seats, the floor mats. 

The first time I cleaned his hair, I was very frustrated. Therefore, I have learned some ways to clean the hair out of the car. 

I find it easier to clean his hair off my car interior and it doesn’t take up much of my time. And in this article I will share about the right how to get dog hair out of your car. 

How to get dog hair out of your car


Prevent the dog hair

How to get dog hair out of your car


When it comes to removing pet hair from your car, prevention is better than cure. Given this, it’s a good idea to brush your pet before letting them in the car.

Thanks to this way, any loose hair is removed beforehand, minimising the amount of pet hair that gets in your car.


Cover your car seats

How to get dog hair out of your car


Seat covers are another handy way to reduce pet hair in your car. Specialist pet seat covers keep pet hair off your car seats, while any hair that does get on the seat cover is contained to a manageable area.

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Plus, seat covers can be easily removed and cleaned after each journey. If you don’t own a car seat cover, placing an old towel over your car seat can have a similar effect.


Use a hand-held vacuum

How to get dog hair out of your car


Investing in a hand-held vacuum that is easy and convenient to use is also an effective tip on how to get dog hair out of your car. A user-friendly, handy appliance will be used more often, and your routine will have a better chance of success.

To make this method more efficient, you can use rubber gloves. All you have to do is to put on a pair of everyday rubber cleaning gloves, then sweep your hands over your car’s upholstery. Loose strands of pet hair should stick to your gloved fingers, while the remaining hair should form in large clumps, making it easier to remove or vacuum. Be sure to sweep your hands in one direction, so any loose fur gathers in one pile.

If this doesn’t get rid of all the pet hair, you can wet the rubber gloves (or lightly spray your car’s interior with water) and repeat this process.


Use An inflated balloon

How to get dog hair out of your car


Ever thought of using a balloon? An inflated balloon uses static electricity to attract pet hair. As you run the inflated balloon over the surface area, hair collects on the balloon which can then be wiped clean, reused as needed, and discarded when done.

Using balloons to collect pet hair might seem slightly like a slightly left-field suggestion, but it can be highly effective. By harnessing the power of static electricity, balloons are an excellent tool to remove pet hair from your car.

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Simply rub a balloon over your car’s interior surfaces, and any loose pet hair should be lifted off the upholstery and stick to the balloon. From there, it’s as easy as wiping the pet hair off the balloon and repeating this process until your car is hair-free.

This method is great for removing loose pet hair; however, it is unlikely to remove stubborn, embedded strands.


Practice to Lint rollers or Velcro hair curlers

How to get dog hair out of your car


If you’re looking for a cheap, easy, and effective on-the-go solution, then velcro hair curlers are a fantastic way to remove pet hair. However, if you’re looking for something that will pick up even the most stubborn and embedded pet hair in your car then a lint roller will be your best solution.

You just need to roll the velcro tips or lint roller along your car’s upholstery and any stray pet hairs will stick to it. Plus, unlike the duct tape, both of these options don’t lose their adhesive after multiple uses. You can even get a non-adhesive lint roller which will reduce the hassle of removing and replacing traditional adhesive sheets!


Use the fabric softener

How to get dog hair out of your car


Fabric softener contains ingredients that are specifically designed to loosen hair, so it makes sense to use it to remove pet hair from your car.

For this method, mix 2-3 teaspoons of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle, then spray the mixture onto your car’s upholstery. Next, wipe the upholstery with a paper towel to loosen any stubborn strands of pet hair.

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Once these strands have been loosened, you can vacuum any remaining hair.


Use a Duct tape

How to get dog hair out of your car


I think this is the easiest way to get dog hair out of your vehicle. It is an ever-reliable way to repair almost anything, so it comes as no surprise that you can also use it to remove pet hair from your car.

To apply this method, roll a piece of duct tape around your hand (with the sticky side facing out), firmly press your hand onto the affected surface, then lift it up and marvel at how much pet hair you have collected.

From there, it’s simply a matter of repeating this process – ensuring you regularly replace the duct tape once it loses its adhesiveness – until your car is clean.


Use a Wire brush

How to get dog hair out of your car


Finally, a wire brush is a great tool for removing stubborn, hard-to-reach strands of pet hair in your car.

Often, a wire brush is used as the final step of the pet hair cleaning process, as it’s great for removing any final traces of pet hair. Simply run the wire brush along your car’s upholstery until you are satisfied that all pet hair has been removed.




I have shown you 8 easy ways to get dog hair out of your car seats without spending too much time and money. They will bring unexpected results to you so don’t hesitate, let’s roll your sleeves up and get down to the business.







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