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How to make your car look sporty?

It’s the same model of the same brand car , but sports cars are always more expensive than normal cars.

Not everyone can afford to buy a sports car right out of the factory, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t own a powerful sports car.

Follow our guide on how to make your car look sporty and you will get your dream car.

how to make your car look sporty

Install New Wheels

how to make your car look sporty

Only updating the speakers of your car is not enough. It’s because you want to know how to make your car look athletic.

But, with that in mind, it’s like getting a new haircut with new wheels. It transforms your character.

You will get a wide range of choices to choose from, depending on the manufacturer of your car.

Every model spoils choices for consumers, doesn’t it? Such a range often involves exceptional quality and the best match for your unique model. Don’t hold back then.

Install a Front End Cover

how to make your car look sporty

Giving the front end of your car a slight lift is what we call putting on a car bra and it’s one of the best ways to make your car look sporty. Actually, these front-end covers are called car bras which come with leather and, most of the time, they are made of vinyl.

These car bras will cover the front end of your car so that it stays protected from dust and debris.

Believe it or not, these car bras actually make your car look good, and they also protect your bumper hoods.

Like usual bras for women, the custom front end covers also have various sizes and coverage levels.

Along with providing protection, they help give style and retain value to your car.

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Before going to buy a car bra, look at the types of bras available in the market. The most popular ones are full car bras, t-style car bras, and sport car bras.

The full car bra will give the utmost coverage to the front area, including the bumper and grill.

Clean Your Engine

how to make your car look sporty

Most individuals can keep the exterior and interior of their car in show-ready condition, but they sometimes fail to preserve the cleanliness of what is under the hood.

Do not run now to take a hose to the soap bucket to the engine of your car (there are specific ways to clean it-and if you do it wrong, you’re going to kill it)-but certainly look at how to properly clean and maintain it.

A clean engine will take years off the age of your car and make it look spectacular-free of leaves, grime, oil and corrosion.

You will find the mark of a real car guy in how clean he keeps stuff under the hood.

Make a new coat of paint for the car

how to make your car look sporty

If you are looking for tips on how to make your car look sporty, then painting is an option that is worth your consideration.

Just repaint your car, then polish it to make it more cool.

This job does not cost you much money and time, but it brings unexpected results.

Feel free to get your car painted any color or color combination you want.

The limit is the sky. Most auto paint places can combine any color you like and produce any sort of effect you can think of.

Invest in some Neon Lights

how to make your car look sporty

The most economical way to improve the way your car looks is by adding exterior and interior lights.

It is easy to set up neon lights, isn’t it? Plus, they come in colors of all sorts.

You can also select neon lights that, depending on the musical tunes, appear to change colors.

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Hook up tinted windows

how to make your car look sporty

Have you ever seen a sports car without tinted windows? Every performance-driven or modified car rolls around with darkened glass.

And that’s because the tinted appearance is responsible for providing that sporty feeling.

Regarding functionality, it adds privacy to the car while also keeping the sun rays from damaging the interior.

Install Sports Seats

how to make your car look sporty

Installing sports seats is the perfect way to accessorize your vehicle interior. Then why not go slightly overboard if you can make your car look sporty!

To suit the optimal contours of the vehicle’s body, sports bucket seats have come into existence. Proper installation ensures a simple, natural take-off and switch.

Attach a spoiler to your car’s rear end

how to make your car look sporty

Airflow passes a moving vehicle. Often shaped like a transverse fin or blade mounted at the front or rear, it reduces lift and increases traction at high speeds.

Most often, they are attached to the rear of the car and used simply to add style. Spoilers look better on some cars than others, so use your judgment if you think it’ll work for yours.

They are commonly seen on sports cars and sedans, but can be found on other vehicles as well.

There are several types of spoilers that you can choose from, depending on the desired changes that you want for your car. Order a spoiler based on the make of your car.


For some people, a car is just a way to get around, but for others, it’s an extension of their personality.

If you have the creativity and the money, there are many things you can do to make your car burst with character.

With the right touch, your car will be the one turning heads every time you turn the corner.

The car is also a part of your personality, so turn it into the way you want. In this article we gave you tips on how to make your car look sporty even on a tight budget. I hope that they are useful to you.

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Is car modding illegal?

It depends on where you are living.

Each state of America has their own regulations on what modifications to cars are allowed.

For example, if you are residing in California, you are not allowed to underbody neon lights, add extra loud exhausts, radar detectors or laser jammers or to provide your car with license state covers or frames that obstruct any part of the plate’s numbers, letters or name of the state while you can have a custom exhaust system in your car with a limit of 82 decibels over 35 mph in New York.

Does modding the car decrease value?

It does in some cases. The buyer may see modifications as a chance of lowering the value of your car as they may claim that your car is supposed to be as it was first manufactured.

There might be something wrong with your car then you modify it. But in some cases like when your car gets old, some modifications will increase its value.

Are modded cars harder to sell?
It depends on who you sell your car to. If your buyer loves the way that you modify your car, then you can resell your car much easier.

But if your buyer doesn’t like the way that you make changes to your car, then reselling is a difficult task.

But you should keep in mind that in any case, it doesn’t mean that you will increase the value of your car by x percent as you invest x percent (compared to its original value) in it.

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