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How to use Lucas oil stop leak

Your car engine is considered to be the soul of your car. With a high-grade engine, you can enjoy comfortable and joyful driving experiences. However, over time your car engine will inevitably suffer from general wear and tear. Once that time comes, you may find that leaks begin to happen and you will have to take your car to the mechanic to bridge the gaps. This repair will cost you quite an amount of money. Yet there is a relatively easy alternative to stop and prevent leaks from taking place. It’s using oil stop leaks. This method doesn’t require much mechanical skills and you can apply it in a DIY way. And the popular and trustworthy oil that loads of people are using is the Lucas one. This product is also regarded as the best oil stop leak by customers galore. Today, along with the main duty of walking you through how to use this Lucas oil, we will provide you with some information to help you see why it somewhat fits the title.

How safe is Lucas oil stop leak?

When treating your engine with Lucas oil stop leak, you can rest your mind that this oil is completely safe for your car. This product from Lucas is compatible with petroleum, semi-synthetic and even full synthetic motor oils. So you don’t have to worry that when pouring Lucas oil into your engine (as long as your engine is not a diesel one), it will negatively interact with the liquid you are feeding your car with and cause damage to your engine. This is the first proof showing that this product from Lucas is rather fitted to the title best oil stop leak. However you should remember that this oil can’t replace the oil your car is consuming. It’s only the supplementary oil added to stop and prevent your engine from leaks.

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How does Lucas oil stop leak work?

As we have mentioned above, oil stop leaks help to stop and prevent leaks from happening. And Lucas oil stop leak does the same, repairing the leaks in your engine as after all it’s just a type of oil stop leaks. However, it doesn’t help fix all the leaks. It can only tackle minor and easy-to-fix leaking problems. With severe ones, it can’t deal with them. Then you may wonder what the best oil leak name is for? It is allegedly given that name due to some significant and unique benefits it offers. And we are talking about those merits right in the next following part.

What benefits does Lucas oil stop leak offer?

This product from Lucas is well known for three key following benefits.

The first one is that it’s safe and it renews the seals without bringing any risks of damage or eventual corrosion. We have somehow explained this strong point in the first part so we will not dig deep in this one.

The second one is that this product doesn’t have any shade of harmful solvent or corrosive properties in it. As a result, it will not have bad effects on your engine as well as your health in the long run. In fact, only products from prestigious brand names can provide such benefit.

The third benefit as well as the most outstanding one is that it enhances the performance of your engine, which helps this product reach the title best oil stop leak. Unlike some other additives, the Lucas oil increases the oil pressure instead of diluting it. Thanks to this function, it gives your engine some extra boost but your engine doesn’t give out a roaring noise. Therefore, you can enjoy an excellent driving experience without spending a big sum of money on upgrading the soul of your car. What’s more interesting is that this product is sold at an affordable price. So using this product is something like obtaining a good bargain.

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How to use the Lucas oil stop leak?

The Lucas oil stop leak can not replace the entire amount of oil consumed by your car. It is additional oil poured into your engine to fix some minor leaks. For that reason, knowing how to use this oil or what proportion should it be added is extremely crucial to make the best out of it.

To make the full use of this product, you should fill about 20% of your engine capacity with it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to add this product to your engine every time you change the engine’s oil. You only need to add this product when the leaks are medium. With minor leaking problems, it can stop the leak from reoccurring so there is no need to add this product.

Author’s view

That’s everything we would like to say about the best oil stop leak (to loads of customers), the Lucas one. As the final remark, we would like to say that before choosing this one you should have a look at what type of engine your car is equipped with. If it’s a diesel one, this product is not your option. And if the leaking problem does not stop after applying this product, it means that your engine is suffering from a big one and the help of a mechanic is highly recommended. Prolonging the repair only entangles yourself in a bigger issue.


How long does it take for Lucas oil stop leak to work?

It has been proven that the Lucas oil stop leak will take effect as soon as it is pumped into your engine and you go out for a drive. About the function of boosting the performance of your engine, you can see the dramatic visual changes after driving for about 250 miles away or after a three-day time.

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Does Lucas oil stop leak damage the engine?

The answer is definitely no. The Lucas product is made with the high-grade quality so the risk of damaging the engine is eliminated. Your car engine is only possibly harmed when the oil stop leak you provide it with is a bad one.

How often should you use Lucas oil stop leak?

It depends on how big your engine leaking problem is. If your problem is a minor one, you can stop using the Lucas product when it’s gone. If your problem is a medium one, it’s advisable to use the Lucas product every time you change your oil. But if the problem is a big one, you should take your car to the repair garage instead.

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