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The Best Android Car Stereo For 2021 ( Top 4 Car Stereos )

The 21st century is the age of scientific and technological development. More and more products which can serve a wide variety of purposes have been introduced over the time. As a car geek, we have always dreamt of a product which embodies an MP3 player and a navigator so that we can enjoy the best experience when driving. And that’s a dream come true now with the android car stereo device. In fact, the android head unit is not just a combination of two devices, it can do much more than that and today we will walk you through some must-know information about this incredibly amazing device.

What can you expect from an android car stereo?

As we have said earlier, an android car stereo is a great device. In general, it can meet almost all requirements for a multifunctional car piece of equipment:

+ Mapping: It can both provide you with offline and online mapping options. You can use Google or via this device when you don’t know which way to go to get to your wanted destinations. There are also other maps you can use on the device like: here maps, Garmin Navigon, CoPilot GPS, Sygic, osmAnd or mapfactor.

+ Music playing: of course you can listen to music when using this device as it’s a stereo. You can play music which is available on the device or you can connect to the Internet or the radio for various choices.

+ Communicating: this device can provide you with the hand-free mode which allows you to communicate with someone by using the voice control function.

+ Fitting: it is compact so that it can fit your car perfectly.

+ Being installed easily: it could be installed easily and you could do it on your own.

What are types of android setups that make your car smart?

There are three types of android setups that you can apply to turn your car into a smart car.

No1. DIY Tablet Car Dash

Out of the 3 types, this is probably the most intricate and time consuming one when you wish to install an android device in your car. However, there are a lot of tutorial sources available on the Internet that provide you with thorough instructions on how to install a tablet car dash so you can easily complete this task. One prestigious website we recommend you to visit is

No2. Pre-built Android Based Dash Head Unit

If you’re not into installing a tablet on your own, you can purchase a prefabbed one instead. The product includes all the necessary cables and wires so you don’t have to worry too much about preps. Everything is available on Amazon, the only thing you have to take into consideration is how much room your car provides to an android car stereo so you can choose the one of the right size.

No3. Android Tablet As The Car’s Computer

This is considered to be the easiest way to make your car smart. As your car has already been equipped with a tablet, you will only need to have a strong holder together with a USB extension lead or a car cigarette lighter adapter to ensure the continuity of your tablet’s power.

What can you run on an Android Car Stereo device?

Whatever you are running on your own phone or your tablet is also possible to run on an android car stereo.

+ Android Auto

For those who have no idea of what android auto is, this is an app you can set up in an android device later than 5.0 Lollipop. This app will provide you with a new home screen which can show lots of navigation which notably includes navigation, calls and music. From each group, there are related apps so it will be easy for you to get access to the section that you like. Moreover, you can use the voice control function to do many tasks like replying messages, answering phone calls or locating. One special thing about this app is that the new action will be shown in a new home page so you can conveniently acknowledge and do something with that action.

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+ Apps for music, audio books and more

Some apps for online music like Spotify, Amazon music or offline music playing apps like media monkey, BlackPlayer can be run when you install this head unit. And if you are a fan of audio books or podcasts, you can enjoy your favorites right via this device. Some popular apps which can enhance this device you may love are: Audiobook Player, Audiobooks Free and Adventure audio book.

What are other benefits when using an android car stereo?

Once having this device on your car, you can experience a better sound quality. The only thing you have to do is to start your Bluetooth connection and the sound quality is dramatically improved. And if your car is not supported with Bluetooth function and you still want to improve the sound quality, you can install the tablet to your dash, then make a connection to your car’s speakers. The result you’ll get out of this is unquestionably excellent. However if a tablet is installed to your dash, it will be quite a grueling task to take it out so you should choose the biggest SD card that fits your tablet from the beginning if you decide to take this option.

Another benefit is that you can pop the tablet in and out without breaking a sweat if your tablet is a mount held one. It’s really convenient. Not only that you can save locations or destinations that you wish to get to on the tablet and then pop it in your car. You will get to the places you want without worrying that you don’t know how to get there.

Last but not least, you can use this device on your electric car. With a tablet of good power supply and battery life, you can feel secure that it won’t absorb the energy from your car as you can unplug it when you want to.

What are other android car related applications worth considering?

From our experience and also from the results of our research, there are some following apps that are extremely useful when you install an android car stereo:

+ Waze: this is an app for traffic information. You can update information about traffic on the road you are driving on through this app and then other drivers using this app can be informed about the status of traffic and you can benefit the same from this app so you can find another way which is more thinned out, for instance, to get to your destination, stay away from the traffic jam.

+ ReadItToMe: this is a very useful app. When you receive a new message while driving, you don’t need to check it yourself. You can use this app and there will be a voice updating the message for you so you will not be distracted while staying behind the wheel.

+ CamonRoad: this app will turn your tablet into a dashcam and it will record the driving journey.

+ GasBuddy: this app is really amazing. Thanks to this app, you can find not only the nearest but also the cheapest gas station when your car is running low on petrol.

What are the best android car stereos?

There are android head units galore on the market right now so you are open to a wide range of choice. However, it also troubles your mind as there are so many choices that you don’t know which one is of good quality and which one is not. For that reason, we have listed some car stereos which are android types you can put your faith in.

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+ Binize android 9.1 radio

The first android head unit that is worth your consideration is the Binize radio. Supported by Android 9.1, this stereo is able to provide you with the experience of enjoying plenty of latest apps. Not only that with the high-end hardware and a great amount of memory, the Binize stereo can ensure quick response and smooth running.

The 7-inch stereo also offers you a pretty good visual experience. With the 1024 x 600 pixel screen solution, this stereo is in a position of becoming a nearly HD visual quality supplier. You can also use the Bluetooth connection function for hands free calls or listening to music apart from SD cards or USB. However, all features mentioned above are not its unique selling point. The feature that makes it competitive is that it comes with a Wifi module. As a result you can stay connected, do all the streaming stuff and use online navigation apps whenever you want.

The most disappointing fact about this device could be its incompatibility with Samsung 5G hotspot and phonelink function. So if you are using a Samsung product, this device does not seem to be the perfect choice.

Some specifications:

*Screen size: 7 inches

*Weight: 2.2 pounds

*Fitted vehicles: car, SUV

*Features: battery-powered, low power consumption and high performance.

+ Pumpkin 10-inch double din

The great thing about this device is that you can run any of the latest apps available on Google Play or Marketplace as it comes with Android 5.1. Besides, it also provides users with some other great benefits. For example, you can control the tablet via your phone by using the usb connection but if you’re connected to Wifi, you can only watch what it’s showing. You are also provided with some usual benefits like GPS, DVD player, car diagnostic tool – OBD2, Cam-in, Internet connection, radio connection and other tablets linking.

However there are some setbacks. Although it’s designed with an internal 16gb storage, it is only equipped with a 1gb ram. In addition, although its screen can change color adjustably, the screen solution is not quite good as it’s only a 1024 x 600 pixel screen resolution. Not only that, the radio reception is pretty bad when you’re driving. The microphone doesn’t work well either so you’ll have to struggle a little bit when you want to use the voice control function. And one more thing that some of you may find dissatisfied with is that it has buttons, which could make you feel that it’s not an android device but in fact it is.

Some specifications:

*Screen size: 10 inches

*Weight: 3,700g

*Fitted vehicles: car, truck, SUV, Van

+ Alpine ILX-F930

This android car stereo has two features that we bet could make you fall in love with it right from the start. The first one is that it has an incredibly crisp HD screen. You can enjoy what is shown on its screen super clear and lively. And the second one is that it can adjust to the display angle. You can adjust the display angle from +45 degrees to -20 degrees and once the display angle is set, you don’t have to worry about what kind of terrain you are driving on as the stereo clings really tightly to its place of installation. Besides,you can turn the Voice assistant mode on to make a phone call, ask for directions or send messages. This is the experience that a normal stereo can’t provide. Speaking of direction, the navigation tool is another strong point of this 9-inch device. With the highly-updated Android technology, you can enjoy the extremely useful mapping app – Android Auto on this tablet.

Yet, the biggest problem with this android device is that you may find it hard to see the screen clearly when you use the Carplay maps. The screen is pretty bright so the streets shown on the screen are blurry. However, if you have an android phone, you can run the app Android Auto instead, the clearity is dramatically improved.

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Some specifications:

*Screen size: 9 inches

*Weight: 9 pounds

*Fitted vehicles: car, SUV

*Features: 1 DIN installation kit included, built-in bluetooth and USB stick, HDMIconnection supported

+ Naviskauto 7-inch touch screen car stereo

This android stereo is specially designed for fitting in your car’s dash. It’s also an Android 5.1 device so you can enjoy the benefits that we have mentioned above. The selling point of this device could be its ability to connect to your car’s wiring. Thanks to this feature, you can be accessible to audio and then check for errors with the help of an OBD application. Moreover, you can control your steering wheel via the device if you allow this tablet to connect to your car’s steering wheel. One more interesting thing about this device is that you can transfer the images that are shown on the button-designed screen to your phone so that the passengers on the back seats can watch the videos you’re playing.

Of course, there are some drawbacks about this android thing that you should know. The microphone is not good. If you want to answer phone calls via this tablet, it’s best to keep it as near as possible. Another disappointing fact about this device is its Ram. It’s only a 1gb ram so when you wish to run more than two apps or Google maps or Music, you will experience a slow performance.

Some specifications:

*Screen size: 7 inches

*Weight: 2300g

*Fitted vehicles: car, truck, SUV, Van

Author’s view

That’s everything basic about an android car stereo. As the final remark, we would like to recommend that whatever model of android device you choose, you should not keep too many apps on your device as it will slow down the performance of the device. It’s advisable that you store all the applications that you usually use on the stereo and store the media on a SD card. This will ensure the smooth operation of your device. And remember to take your tablet home with you if it’s movable but if it’s not, you should do something to keep it out of the sight of the robbers.


Can you play music while using the GPS navigation?

Definitely yes. You can play music and use the GPS navigation at the same time on all android devices.

Does it fit my car fascia?

It depends. As we have said earlier, there are a wide range of android car stereos, you need to know how much space your car can provide for one device and then you can choose one best fitted.

Do they come with offline maps on the SD cards?

Not all android devices  support offline maps on the SD cards. For example, you can’t expect this kind of function in a touchscreen device while you can do that if your device is the already built together double din car dash stereo.

Can I connect to my phone via Bluetooth?

The answer would be yes if your stereo is equipped with the Bluetooth connection function but if your stereo is not supported with Bluetooth, then the answer would be no.

Can I clear engine and other error codes with OBD2 and a tablet stereo?

Yes as long as your car is the double din cable or technology type and you have an android device that is fitted to your car.

Can’t I just use my phone?

Yes but you can only use apps that your phone supports. If you wish your phone could replace an android car stereo completely, you should know that it’s impossible.

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