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Why are new pickup trucks so expensive?

Initially, pickup trucks were often used to serve the main purpose of transporting goods, but today they are often used to carry more passengers, especially with small pickup trucks. 

As early as the 1990s, a statistic showed that less than 15% of pickup truck owners used it for the main purpose of transporting goods.

The design of these cars has also been improved because of that, towards the comfort and utility of a sport utility vehicle while the cargo box is reduced in size due to less use. 

Thanks to their versatility, pickup trucks have become increasingly popular especially here in the USA. 

However, car lovers usually find it quite frustrating about the price as they are sold at a pretty high price and the question “ why are new pickup trucks so expensive?’ usually comes to their minds. 

In this article, we would do the honor of giving the answer to this question.

Why are new pickup trucks so expensive


What is a pickup truck?

Why are new pickup trucks so expensive


Pickup truck is a small truck with a closed cabin and a rear cargo box to serve both passenger and cargo needs. 

The pickup’s chassis structure is similar to large SUV models with the excellent ability to Off. -road but the traction and load capacity are superior to multi-purpose vehicles.

The advantage of a pickup truck is that it has a strong engine, good transmission system and high chassis to increase the Off-road ability. 


Why Are New Pickup Trucks So Expensive?


If you’re in the market for a new truck, you’ve likely experienced a sticker shock. New trucks are increasingly expensive and can cost as much as $100,000. 

To make an informed purchase, you’ll need to understand what drives up the price. Then you can determine which extras, if any, are worth it. 

Stay tuned to figure out reasons why new pickup trucks are so expensive.


Common truck price points


Pickup trucks are available in all sorts of sizes and configurations, but there are a few common categories:

+ Heavy duty: Heavy-duty trucks come with impressive towing and payload limits yet they can still carry passengers comfortably. These trucks start at $35,000 but some, like the Ford F-450, can top $100,000.

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+ Full-size: For many, the full-size truck category is the Goldilocks of trucks. They have great towing and hauling capacities but they aren’t as expensive or big as heavy-duty trucks. Full-size models start at $30,000 but cost as much as $80,000. The Ford F-150 Raptor is one of the more expensive trucks in this category.

Why are new pickup trucks so expensive

+ Midsize: Midsize trucks are smaller, with lower payload and towing capacities. This makes them easier to handle. These trucks have the lowest price point, starting at $20,000 and going up to $60,000. The Jeep Gladiator is on the high end for midsize truck models.

Why are new pickup trucks so expensive


Reasons for the high price tags of pickup truck


There are 4 factors that we think can set light on why new pickup trucks these days are so expensive.


Profit Makes New Trucks Expensive


For their part, manufacturers know that with high consumer demand comes higher profit potential and they charge accordingly. 

Base model trucks are relatively rare and are mostly sold in the realm of commercial fleets and businesses. 

Most consumers trend towards the mid-grade trim models for any vehicle market; including trucks. 

In marketing, however, the base model also has the role of being the “price draw” for the manufacturer’s marketing. 

This lowest price possible can get buyers onto the dealer’s lot, where they’ll likely end up adding 30 to 50 percent more to that base price in trim options and upgrades.

That brings us to the much-maligned dealer markup. 

Most dealerships mark up pickup trucks at rates higher than they do to other passenger vehicles. 

This is a part of the trickle-down from the aforementioned high demand for these trucks. 

Some models will receive much higher markups than others, of course, but that’s the norm in most vehicle markets. 

The most desirable model (usually the “halo,” highest performance, or most popular) will get the highest markup. 

Sometimes, those markups can be talked down during purchase negotiations, but if the truck is in very high demand, the budget room the dealer is likely to give will be small.




Cars in general and pickup trucks in particular today are equipped with a lot of modern technology features compared to those in the past. 

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For example, pickup trucks now have sensor cameras, collision sensors, remote vehicle start, electronic balance, etc while old models didn’t.

In some instances, added technology can provide extra safety. 

For example, cameras give drivers a broader vision when driving such a large vehicle, including views of towing regions. 

Other additions, like heated seats, are purely for comfort.

Many technological add-ons come as part of a package, so you aren’t able to pick and choose a la carte. This means you may need to opt for an expensive package to get the upgrades you desire.


Safety additions


As pickup trucks get larger and safety requirements get stricter, manufacturers continue to optimize safety features. 

While they vary depending on the model, pickup trucks often include:

+ Blind-spot monitoring

+ Sensors for detecting other vehicles

+ Trailer monitoring

+ Adaptive cruise control

+ Guided parking

+ Lane departure warning

These safety features may not be required, but they assist drivers and keep passengers safe. If you’re comfortable driving a large vehicle, you may want to forego many of these expensive additions.


Fuel efficiency


Due to more stringent emission standards and consumer demand, pickup trucks now focus on gas efficiency. 

This is one of the main reasons why new pickup trucks are so expensive. Automakers have invested in turbocharged motors, like the one in the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. 

There are also turbo-diesel options and hybrids. Opting for a fuel-efficient truck will ramp up the cost.

Do people really need souped-up trucks and extra features? That’s for the consumers to decide. 

If they continue to invest in high-priced pickup trucks with all the features, you can expect to see more innovations — accompanied by higher costs.




Those are four reasons that we have given on why new pickup trucks are so expensive. 

There may be more reasons but those are the main ones. In final words, we would like to say one more thing: We think that the high price is worth what a pickup truck offers. 

You can experience safer and more comfortable and amazing drives whenever you go for a ride with your pickup truck. That’s something that you will find rather hard to evaluate.

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Are trucks cheaper to insure than cars?


This is a question among the most concerning questions that have been asked by truck owners. 

And the answer is no. A pickup truck will cost you more money to be insured than a car will. 

The reason here is the high cost of a pickup truck. As a vehicle is expensive, insurers will have to charge a higher rate to make sure that in the worst scenario, they are able to financially support you to restore your pickup truck to the furthest extent agreed in the insurance contract or policy.


Are pickup trucks more reliable than cars?


If you have tried a pickup truck and a car, you can easily answer this question. 

But if you haven’t, then we are here to help. Yes, when it comes to reliability, pickup trucks prevail over cars. 

There are three main reasons why pickup trucks are more reliable than cars. The first one is that they are more durable. 

The second one is that they are equipped with extra safety gear while most cars aren’t. 

And the last one is they are able to carry passengers and workloads at the same time. 

Besides, pickup trucks have long-lasting designs, they don’t require much maintenance and they are often sold under extended warranties.

What is the cheapest state to buy a truck?

The title of the article speaks volume. A new pickup truck is quite expensive so people who wish to have a pickup truck for their own usually search for the state where they can have a pickup truck at the most affordable price while the quality is ensured. 

In America, you can go to Florida to purchase used pickup trucks at the lowest price compared to other states. 

If you can’t go there, you can go to Oregon. Good pickup trucks are sold at pretty low prices here. 

In case you find it inconvenient to come to these two states for low-charged pickup trucks, you can come to North Carolina, New Hampshire, Missouri, Virginia, Ohio or Wisconsin. 

These states are also places of affordable pickup trucks here in America.


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