How to use and replace seat belts correctly

Seat belts are a small but indispensable part of every car. They are very important in helping us to ensure safety as the name implies.  If you don’t wear your seat belt correctly, it won’t work either.  So do you know how to use car seat belts and replace them when they need to be … Read more

How to check a car battery simply and effectively

Batteries are an indispensable part of every car.  It provides power to help cars start and maintain the operation of electrical equipment such as lights, air conditioners, sensors,… When the battery fails, it will greatly affect the operation of the vehicle. To avoid potential risks, you need to perform regular car battery checks.  In this … Read more

A useful guide on how to replace wiper blades

No matter how modern a car is, wiper blades are indispensable.  What do you know about the use, how to set up maintenance, how to choose this small detail and how to replace wiper blades when the time comes?  Don’t fret if you don’t know much as in this article, we will introduce all frequencies … Read more

How long do brake pads last? A useful guide

Brakes are the most important part to help you slow down and stop the car when necessary.  Cars often run at high speeds, so it is very important to check car brake pads to ensure your safety.  You need to know how you know when brake pads need replacing, how to replace them and especially … Read more

How to fix a stuck car window in simple ways

To avoid the sun and rain and ensure the “enjoyment” of the outside space, manufacturers have designed glass doors for cars.  Window glass is designed to be raised and lowered to help to circulate the air inside the car to the outside.  However, at certain points, you may find that your car window is stuck, … Read more

How to clean a radiator in simple and easy ways

The radiator is a car component that is installed in the engine compartment.  It plays an important role in providing constant engine cooling to make sure that your engine works properly in a long time.  But after daily use, the radiator gets unclean and needs cleaning to maintain good performance.  In this article, we are … Read more

How To Make Your Car Shine Like New

For Vietnamese people, a car is not only a means of transportation, but also a valuable asset. Men even consider it a second wife, so they protect and take care of it very carefully.  But there is one disappointing thing that car owners have to face is that no matter how well you protect your … Read more

Why are new pickup trucks so expensive?

Initially, pickup trucks were often used to serve the main purpose of transporting goods, but today they are often used to carry more passengers, especially with small pickup trucks.  As early as the 1990s, a statistic showed that less than 15% of pickup truck owners used it for the main purpose of transporting goods. The … Read more

How to replace headlight assembly

Headlight assembly is a crucial part of your car in ensuring driving safety in the dark.  However, at certain points, for some reason, it needs replacing and you may think of taking your car to an auto body service shop.  But, that’s actually unnecessary as replacing a headlight assembly in your vehicle is a quite … Read more

How to remove deep scratches from car

You drive to work every day, it’s normal to scratch your car. Your car may get scratched while you drive it back into the garage or another car hits your car…  Even the most careful drivers sometimes get their cars scratched for various reasons.  It can be both frustrating and annoying to see your vehicle … Read more